FO: Candy Corn Dog Sweater

Halloween might be my least favorite holiday. I didn’t love it as a kid. I just wanted candy and didn’t think I needed to go through all that dressing up drama just to get it. BUT I do love candy corn, and I know that’s a controversial stance to take but I will not be shamed for it (I’m really yelling that at my sisters, LOL). Then the other day when I was looking up dog sweater patterns on Ravelry for my MDK column, I saw the Candy Corn dog sweater. I knew I HAD to knit it.

Candy corn sweater

Jellybean’s favorite toys are this happy candy corn and her two yellow monsters with candy corn horns. This sweater was meant for her.

Candy corn sweater

I like that it has a hole for the harness. Although as I was reading the instructions I thought the back was the front and immediately thought “why does the dog sweater need a sexy keyhole cutout on the front?” HA! Then I realized oh it’s for the harness and this must be the back.

Candy corn sweater

I had the yarn in my stash, Knit Picks Mighty Stitch in White, Orange and Canary. I keep a stash of it in various colors for kids projects and for dog projects too. It’s warm, super soft and I can toss it in the washer and dryer and not worry about it. Even though she’s always cold and wears sweaters regularly, this project was 100% for me. It brings me an insane amount of joy. I got annoyed the other day when someone stated I should use the yarn for Jellybean’s sweaters for something charitable instead of this kind of thing and then I decided that no one is allowed to regulate my joy.

Candy corn sweater

And this…this is a lot of joy in a tiny 5lb package.

59 Replies to “FO: Candy Corn Dog Sweater”

    1. Omg I am annoyed on your behalf for the “helpful” person who thinks they have the right to dictate who knits what. Mind your own beeswax, folks. Jellybean 100% deserves as many handknit sweaters as she wants. Seeing her cuteness brings joy to the rest of us, and these days we all need that.

  1. SO cute😍 I’ve been knitting pumpkins in Peaches & Creme cotton and I knit one for my daughter in brown, orange, and yellow. It made me want candy corn so much, I had to go buy a bag for myself😄 I like that “flavor” combo better than the orange, yellow, and white ones!

  2. I love it!! I’m going to order these colors, too & make one for my 4 lb. Scout ASAP. This is joyful & happy & so much fun! In times like this, it’s the little things that can mean the most. That includes my dog & knitting. Thanks for making me aware of this pattern! Sending you joyful hugs!!

  3. This is the happiest thing- I don’t even have a dog and I want to knit it (but it’s not worth the fight with my cats….) Don’t ever worry about using things for your own joy- there’s little enough joy in the world these days. And I’m sure everyone who sees Jellybean in person, as well as all of us who see this online, get a dose of joy. And who knows the ripple effect that your joy and ours has on the community at large. Changing the world one candy corn sweater at a time.

    1. Bonnie is so right! The joy you create for yourself and others just expands and expands! You just helped a person in Oregon (me!) have a better day. Dana, you and your family bring incredible joy to the world!

    1. That is so adorable and hilarious too! Your blog always brings a smile to my day! Thanks for staying so positive!

  4. Ah, yes, there’s always someone to regulate the joy. Candy corn and dog sweaters both can bring out that Puritan streak. My Henry grows his own sweater, lucky for me as he’s quite a bit bigger.

  5. That dog sweater is another winner! But your sweater — also quite nice. Care to remind your audience of the pattern?

  6. We all should knit what makes us happy, especially now!

  7. The sweater is wonderful! I love each new creation for Jellybean. I just finished a kid Christmas sweater and am now thinking dog Christmas for the pug, who suffers in our Santa Barbara “winter.”
    And ignore people who to tell you what you should do. They don’t get to be in charge of your happiness, money, or time. Sheesh.

  8. Oh yeah, I am with you on THAT! Knitting for Jellybean and Lucy is joyful. Lucy going to get some things too 😍🐶 Thanks for the pattern ideas.

  9. Love it! I have a friend who loves candy corn…I love candy, but candy corn…not so much. I am going to make her some candy corn socks! And was I was talking to another friend about making her dog a sweater… candy corn colors it is! Thanks for the inspiration…

  10. Love Jelly’s new sweater. Adorable! PS: I was stationed in Indiana for a few years and they do something yummy with Candy Corn. Just add peanuts and eat them together…It tastes like a Payday bar. People look at me weird, but love it when they taste it. Keep your own joy!

  11. Now I think that all dog sweaters should have a sexy keyhole opening in them. Why not? Jellybean looks divine!

  12. Thank you for sharing your joy! I too am a dog lover and Jelly Bean in a colorful sweater and you with a million dollar smile always brightens my day.

  13. Oh BOO to those people with their self righteous attitudes. You keep on doing you, which is being loving & kind.

  14. Good morning, Dana,

    “…no one is allowed to regulate my joy.” I absolutely love this good, strong statement! You be you, and let your joy shine!

    Be well and safe, dear one,


  15. Like you, I love candy corn! I’m the only one in my house who eats it. Your blog today definitely made me smile!

  16. Such a great fit! I mean, even without the cute colors, that design is really classy!

    I come from a family that loved the dressing up more than the candy (but if I had some candy corn right now, I’d be eating it!). For years, my mom would go out in costume with her other friends who were also 5′ tall or under and fool their tall friends that they were kids. After she was housebound, Mom was delighted to see the little ones’ costumes when they came to our door. It’s going to be a sad year without a light on the porch this year. I say any time you can lighten the atmosphere, you’re doing good work. Charity comes in many forms!

  17. “No one is allowed to regulate my joy.“ What a perfect statement. Good for you. I can’t even imagine the sourness inside someone who would’ve made a remark about how you should enjoy your craft and your sweet dog. Keep knitting your wonderful sweaters for both you and Jellybean and your family and friends. Your generous heart shines out and fills me with joy every time I read your column

  18. Somebody shamed you about knitting a cute dog sweater?! What is the matter with people? Times are so tough, we need to take joy where we can find it. Your pictures make me want to adopt a cute little dog so that I can knit it sweaters 🙂

  19. Eff that noise. You also don’t need our validation, but I’m also here to say that Jellybean is extra cute in that sweater and that people are rude.

  20. A: LOVE candy corn! B: LOVE Jellybean’s sweater!! C: I think keeping a little dog warm IS a charitable act!!! Love this article!

  21. She looks appropriately smug. Which is how any lucky dog should feel when their owner took the time to handknit them a fabulous sweater! Just beautiful!

  22. Thank you for putting a smile on my face with this sweet sweater!! Jellybean wears it well!

  23. “No one is allowed to regulate my joy” Amen! You should put that on a button or a t-shirt or something. You know, JB looks wonderful in everything (and nothing), but this time, even though it’s very simple, you’ve surpassed yourself. Great colors on her. And thank you for being an all-around joy escalater.

  24. This is so cute! I have 3 dogs and they are all getting this sweater!

  25. “No one is allowed to regulate my joy!” I need this on a t-shirt. And thank you for sharing yours – we all need a little more joy in our lives and that tiny dog in those sweaters sure makes me smile.

  26. Your candy corn sweater for your sweet baby makes me smile as do all the posts you write! Hugs to you and yes. I have voted in NC and yes you would be happy with my ballot!🥰❤️💕❤️🥰

  27. Just last night, I finally completed a sweater that was months of work (just me, I’m so slow). I’ve been so ready to cast on all the things and have a list (and yarn!) ready to go…and then you post this ridiculousness. Printed out the pattern immediately and shopped for orange, yellow and white dog-friendly yarn, wondering how many little candy corn dog sweaters would be too many… Bravo to you, and to the Bean, who is working an excellent model side-eye.

  28. Knitting brings you and us, joy. Who we knit for is our decision. people that try to shame you for knitting for your dog come from the same group who shame others for being fat, being able to dance or be a yoga expert when you are large, tell you your art isn’t good enough and so on. Joy in what you do makes you feel good. Jellybean needs a sweater as much as a poor child does. I often ask that sort what have you done to help others and when they bluster because they never do help anyone but themselves I walk away happy.

  29. I always tell my classes that there is no knitting police, so that was FAKE KNITTING POLICE! No joy regulation, for sure. And Jellybean deserves to be warm, too! That sweater is so stinkin’ cute. Well done.

  30. I LOVE THIS!!! And of course you are right, NEVER let others regulate your happiness.

  31. This brings joy to me too! Such a fun sweater, thank you for sharing.

  32. Hello Dana, I love this sweater, it’s soooooo CUTE! It make me smile. It’s just so perfect and adorable. I am so glad I found your site. Thanks for sharing with your knitting pals.

  33. Absolutely adorable. You HAD to knit that candy corn sweater. (BTW My friend bought a bag of new Turkey Dinner candy corn and said it was not good to eat)

  34. Dana, you always make me smile! And enjoy the candy corn 😋🎃

  35. I have always loved candy corn and of course you had to make this sweater! Knitting for loved ones is always a good idea!

  36. Of course I agree with EVERYONE about not listening to Negative Nellies, though when folks say we need joy now I’d say we ALWAYS need more joy.
    And for those, like me, that wanted to know what sweater pattern that is… I finally found it on your Rav page… hope you don’t mind my sharing the link: It is Mountain High by Heidi Kirrmaier.
    Knit on you amazing and inspiring lady!!

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