FO: Candy Corn Dog Sweater

Halloween might be my least favorite holiday. I didn’t love it as a kid. I just wanted candy and didn’t think I needed to go through all that dressing up drama just to get it. BUT I do love candy corn, and I know that’s a controversial stance to take but I will not be shamed for it (I’m really yelling that at my sisters, LOL). Then the other day when I was looking up dog sweater patterns on Ravelry for my MDK column, I saw the Candy Corn dog sweater. I knew I HAD to knit it.

Candy corn sweater

Jellybean’s favorite toys are this happy candy corn and her two yellow monsters with candy corn horns. This sweater was meant for her.

Candy corn sweater

I like that it has a hole for the harness. Although as I was reading the instructions I thought the back was the front and immediately thought “why does the dog sweater need a sexy keyhole cutout on the front?” HA! Then I realized oh it’s for the harness and this must be the back.

Candy corn sweater

I had the yarn in my stash, Knit Picks Mighty Stitch in White, Orange and Canary. I keep a stash of it in various colors for kids projects and for dog projects too. It’s warm, super soft and I can toss it in the washer and dryer and not worry about it. Even though she’s always cold and wears sweaters regularly, this project was 100% for me. It brings me an insane amount of joy. I got annoyed the other day when someone stated I should use the yarn for Jellybean’s sweaters for something charitable instead of this kind of thing and then I decided that no one is allowed to regulate my joy.

Candy corn sweater

And this…this is a lot of joy in a tiny 5lb package.

59 Replies to “FO: Candy Corn Dog Sweater”

  1. That’ s adorable! (And no one should tell you what to knit. You should knit whatever brings you joy. )

  2. Love it. Yes, knit for that doggie! She is adorable and she is cold. She gives you unconditional love and deserves those sweaters. 🙂

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