Dana’s Edit: Dog Sweater Weather

For my MDK column this month I wanted to offer something light hearted. What do most people ask me about online or in person? Dog sweaters. And a few really cute sweater patterns have come out that I had to share.

I also wanted to share that Sole Salvo of Haute Dogue also made Jellybean a custom sweater – she also recently released a new pattern I featured too. She works in design and is putting her talent towards dog patterns and I’m loving what she’s making.

There’s nothing cuter than a dog in a sweater so hopefully if you have one or a friend with a cute dog, you’ll be inspired to knit them a sweater too. More over on Modern Daily Knitting.

5 Replies to “Dana’s Edit: Dog Sweater Weather”

  1. Oh my gosh! My whole family stops what they’re doing when Jellybean fashion shoots pop up, the the surprise twist of the Vote message really made our day. Hoping everyone takes a cue from Jellybean and gets to the polls. Thanks for sharing this brilliant piece of knitting activism!

  2. I love dog sweaters! Unfortunately, my dog refuses to wear one. Jellybean looks so cute!

  3. The cutest model ever! Love the message, too!

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