Test Knit: Rumo Cardigan

It’s finally time to share the last test knit I did in September! Meet Rumo, a really great knit.
Rumo Test Knit
I tend to volunteer to test knit for designers I really love and Alice Caetano’s designs are just so smart and her construction is always so clever. I don’t design knits because honestly I think there are amazing designers out there and my mind doesn’t work that way. But I can pick color! This sweater is knit sideways (I love sideways construction, I don’t know why) and it has such a great shape. It’s not your typical cardigan, it has a bit of interest to it with the seam details on the back, sides and sleeves and the squishy garter stitch sleeves are perfect on chilly days. The only seaming is with the sleeves and that I didn’t mind at all.
Rumo Test Knit
I decided to knit this one in a solid so that it could be a closet staple. I love this shade of Berroco Vintage yarn in Black Current. It’s a really rich and bold color that pairs perfectly with a lot of what’s in my closet (I love this color with orange). I bought it a couple of years ago for a sweater for my husband and then he changed his mind on the color. I’m glad to get that sweater quantity out of my stash!
Rumo Test Knit
I really, really love this knit and recommend it if you’re looking for a great closet staple. And added bonus…
Rumo Test Knit
I found one of the new knit collection Swatch watches that matches is beautifully. Clearly I’m knitting obsessed.

20 Replies to “Test Knit: Rumo Cardigan”

  1. You did a BEAU-TI-FUL job! It looks GREAT ON too! 🙂

  2. That watch is really fabulous. I’m so glad you linked to it because I was going to ask where you got it. I want one!

  3. Love the color, the sweater, the watch and you!

  4. Pretty Sweater, and looks great on you! Boy, I give it to you in the fast knitting. I didn’t know Swatch watches were still being manufactured. When they first came out in the 70’s I started buying them. People who knew I liked the watches, would give them as presents. I stopped when I was spending over $100/year for batteries. The one you have is cute.
    Anticipating your next project.

  5. Found my way here via Ravelry. I love your version. Unrelated question but: that’s a fantastic shirt beneath your wonderful Rumo. Would you be willing to say the brand?

  6. It seems that each time I find a new pattern I’m intent on making, when I look through the Rav finished objects, you are wearing it! Apparently our tastes are similar 🙂

  7. im starting the rumo sweater, it is a lot of fun. Im at the extension spot now is it knit from the bottom of sweater up with a V or does in start from the top at the shoulder and T& W at the top. ? thanks for your help.

  8. Beautiful. It showed up when I was looking for a sideways top. I was gazing at the print top underneath it and realized I own it! Bought it at Norstrom. A great top.

  9. Goodness. Just saw previous Comments regarding your top. Which I see you also did buy at Nordstrom’s (I think it is their store brand). Great Minds…and all of that:).

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