FO: Brio-Goodness

Well I finally got around to taking pictures of three finished objects this weekend. Woohoo! So let’s start off all the finished objects posts with my Brio-Garter Hat that I finished what feels like ages ago.
Brio-Garter Hat
I talked about the process of knitting this hat while I was traveling and I have to say, if you’re trying to learn a new technique (2 color brioche, short rows, colorwork…) hats are an easy way to get in a bunch of techniques but on a smaller scale project. That’s always kind of been my go-to way to learn something new. My logic is before I mess up short rows on a sweater, how about I test my skills on a hat? And since I’ve been hit with the 2 color brioche bug I needed something small to work on my technique some more.
Brio-Garter Hat
I also picked this hat because it has ear flaps (although sorry you can’t see them that well in this pic, I didn’t realize they were scrunched up until later).
Brio-Garter Hat
The construction of this hat starts with an i-cord! And then you pick up stitches from the i-cord edge and join in the round. It was so clever and different, I’m always amazed at how the minds of pattern designers really work. I also love that it’s slouchy or fitted depending on how you want to wear it. I never really do a gauge swatch for hats, I always figure for my head if it’s a little big it will be fine and this one definitely blocked out slightly bigger but that aids in how slouchy it looks when I wear the ear flaps over my ears.
Brio-Garter Hat
And when I flip the ear flaps up I kind of feel like Sherlock Holmes. LOL Since it’s brioche the hat is super warm and a little stretchy so it’s a perfect technique for a hat. I’m totally going to make this in other colors, I just pulled two random skeins of one of a kind dyed Madelinetosh Vintage I had in my stash. Now to just figure out what the next color combo will be, maybe rainbow yarn with white?!

25 Replies to “FO: Brio-Goodness”

  1. Super cute!! I’m a sucker for ear flaps although I’ve never knitted a hat with them. Must try it! Plus – you are really tempting me to try some brioche!

    1. So what I love about these flaps is they shape themselves with the decreases in the pattern. It’s so cleverly designed!

  2. That hat looks amazing on you! I looked at all the finished pictures and you wear it so well… I am not sure I could pull it off, but I really like the hat.

  3. The hat looks great, and it looks great on you. I haven’t dipped into the brioche world yet although I have the Rose Gold shawl from drearenee knits. This looks like a good project to start with!

    1. Ooooh I feel like two color brioche on fingering weight yarn is not the easiest starting point. LOL Perhaps trying it on this worsted weight hat might be easy.

  4. Love your hat! Different from what we see everyday. Colors amazing. Unfortunately, in São Paulo, Brazil, I will never need a hat.

  5. how much do you knit each day (as in – how many hours?) You make so many beautiful things and are really an inspiration

    1. HAHAHA I get asked this a lot. On weekdays at most probably 2-3 hours if I can. But a lot of times it’s about a good solid hour, hour and a half. On the weekends I definitely make more time. The dogs wake us up on weekends around 6:30-7 so once I get them walked and fed I can usually sit on the couch for an hour or two before my weekend kicks into high gear.

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