All is Right Again

Kendell made it back home safely on Saturday and we spent a very rainy weekend cuddled on the couching, battling jet lag. I don’t mind him traveling but I’m always off when he’s away and it’s comforting to have him back home.

Kendell is running a half marathon in Chicago on Sunday and we are driving up this weekend with the girls and meeting friends so we can cheer him on. It’s a quick trip but another way to kind of celebrate my end of the school year – which officially ends today after my all day faculty meeting. I’ve been working on a metallic purple and black La Brioheme cardigan to take to my cousin. I’ve got the collar and a half a sleeve left!

And Cher is doing well. We’ve got down all the walks, when to wear a diaper and what kind of diaper works best for her (we really prefer the PeeKeeper since it closes up the sides and contains any spills). And I’m going to keep knitting on my Allison cardigan on the road, so hopefully we’ll have more knitting pics coming soon.

5 Replies to “All is Right Again”

  1. Half in Chicago- maybe next year for me – although I do like to travel for them. Rathe rill enjoy doing that again since I haven’t done a race in years. Enjoy the city and I hop our weather is good!

  2. Glad to see the fur babies are back in sync. While in Chicago, you may want to visit Yarnify that’s in the loop. Have safe travels and best wishes on the marathon.

    1. Ooh ooh ooh (Mr Kotter!)

      And go to Nina on chicago Avenue (unless they’ve moved already – but find them and go there too. And if they’re still on Chicago go get empanadas at 5711 ( that’s the name of the place) the beef merlot is my favorite. And then after that go the the bakery across the street for macaroons

      Heck – call me and I’ll take you around!

  3. Glad the brood is back together and running smoothly (pun intended). Congrats on the end of the school year! Have fun in Chicago!

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