Monthly Review: March 2019

March FO’s

I thought March was a quiet month but it was not. So here’s what I was able to finish last month.

  • Guthrie Sweater: I started this baby way back at the end of July and just worked on it line by line because it’s such a satisfying knit. No real deadline or rush on this one. I finished the body months ago and this weekend I decided I wanted to wear this now. So I finished it. More details this week.
  • Plumpy shawl: I finished this one on Saturday morning. It. Is. HUGE. More to share on that this week.
  • Balloon Cardigan: I finished this at the beginning of the month and it felt like I made this months ago. I’ve worn it a bunch and I love it.
  • My secret project: All I can say is it’s a sweater and that’s my swatch. More to come when I can at some point way down the line.

So not a bad March at all. What were you able to finish?

18 Replies to “Monthly Review: March 2019”

  1. Haha I started waaay more than I finished, as I had (have?) a serious case of startitis…. Your FOs are wonderful, as usual!!!! I love how you do all kinds of sweater shapes and fits.

  2. I’m in the mode of cast on all of the things! But i did cast on and finish two things in March and they were both test knits; DottieJane, which Knit Graffiti designed for our shop and a sweater test for Andrea Mowry that i cannot wait to wear on repeat!! I also knit a Gabrielle using your changes and i have been wearing it so much! It’s fast become a favorite.

  3. I finished my first top down in the round pullover; started (after frogging the 1st attempt) Feb. 14 It was a learning experience!

  4. Any tips on wearing shawls? I see sooo many patterns but I just don’t use them.
    I finished Turtle Dove-fast knit due Stratus yarn and big needles. And Chevron Flight with size 7 needles. Now I am going to start Koivua.

  5. Beautiful work. And wow…that is a LOT of shawl! Very cozy looking. I just looked at my Rav page and see that my tally for March 2019 is exactly two small items. One is an experimental hat that I’m going to frog, as the yarn biased a lot. I tried, but couldn’t pass it off as a “design feature.” However, as the project yarn was scratchy, I lined the brim with Fixation stretchy cotton yarn, and, ironically, it feels good and fits great! I am keeping that in my bag of tricks for another time. The second project was a snake scarf from hand spun yarn that turned out MUCH better! It was quickly off my needles and around my neck…well, after I added black shank button eyes and a red cotton thread tongue.

  6. I finished my first Uniform Cardigan, in Rowan Kid Classic. Love it. I will have to make another, but I’m not anywhere near as fast as you are. Your Guthrie Sweater is phenomenal! A real gem!

  7. Wow! I love all of your colors and choices and am so envious of your finished projects. I just bought the yarn to knit two Caitlin Hunter sweaters (I just finished Sturgill) and seeing your Guthrie makes me want to stash yarn for it, too.

  8. I was feeling pretty overwhelmed from school so I took a break from my Andrea Mowry Golden Hour and knitted up the Baby Lima sweater and a wee baby hat with topknot for an upcoming baby. Boy, do I feel better and now I am ready to move forward. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks!

  9. You have got to be the fastest knitter EVAH!!! I love all your projects – the colors, everything. I love seeing what you knit because then you enable me to spend more money on yarn and patterns! 🙂 I am going to make the Guthrie sweater next AND the Plumpy shawl… and I want to make the balloon cardigan too! OMG. Look at what you’re doing to me! I am working on the Cumulus Blouse by Petite Knitter right now. I had no idea that mohair yarn is a little difficult to manage – but it’s oh so pretty in a sweater. Keep on knitting!

  10. Is the secret a test knit?!?! You’re killing me smalls lol… You do such beautiful work and I find myself moving faster on projects as I want to be finished at the end of the month also. Finished a couple of baby sweaters. Darn peer pressure lol.

  11. I love your Balloon Cardigan, Dana. I’m too cheep (joke) to buy the pattern, so I went to Ravelry and inspected the sleeve construction. I’m in the process of finishing my Cropped Raglan Sweater only with long sleeves, and I want the sleeves to balloon. I should finish this month (what takes you days takes me weeks, and what takes you weeks takes me months or even years!!).

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