Stitching Status: Rainy Weekends

For the last 3 weeks the Maryland/DC/Virginia area has been soaked with rain. We’ve had a few days of sunshine but not nearly enough. And this weekend it was rainy and cold – so rude. The dogs are ready for me to put away their little raincoats.

The many faces of Jellybean in her frog raincoat.

This weekend in between vet visits (they’ve detected a heart murmur in Cher, we’re not ready to medicate yet since she’s not showing signs of an enlarged heart but I’m definitely sad my girl is showing signs of aging) and rainy walks we spent a lot of our time indoors.
There was lots of snuggling and knitting. Remember that tiny square I posted last week that was the beginning of my Askews Me Shawl? Well it blossomed into this by Sunday night.
I put aside my Togue Pond tank because it’s hard to knit a summer tank top when you feel like you will never see the sun again. Plus I find brioche knitting so soothing (here’s a link to a video of me knitting brioche with Bean in my lap). I did sneak away from my house for a bit on Saturday and got a pedicure…the shawl came with me of course.
And across from me was the nicest woman who was also a fellow knitter! I love when I meet other people who love knitting as much as I do. So I’m now on the second section of the Askews Me Shawl and think I can probably finish it by the end of the week if I keep plugging along on it. And hopefully, the sun will come back today. I really miss it.

10 Replies to “Stitching Status: Rainy Weekends”

  1. Ohhh, precious Cher! Sending lots and lots of healthy heart mojo her way. ❤️

    It sounds like you made the best of a gloomy weekend. We’ve had rain and more rain here as well, so I know the feeling. Your Askews Me shawl is going to be great! Love the color combo! I can’t wrap up this comment without mentioning . . . . Cher. In. Her. Robe. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    1. HAHAHA yes, they both had fresh baths but I put Beanie in her tshirt (her robe is a little bit bigger) and Cher lounged in her robe for a few hours. LOL And yes, sending her all the good thoughts. She’s not showing any lethargy or coughing but they definitely heard a murmur so once she progresses we will start her on meds. If only they could live forever.

  2. I need to practice brioche more. I have the basics down but once I get to increases things go very awry!

  3. Maybe Cher will live for a long time anyway. My Carmelita, a shepherd cross, had a heart murmur that never progressed. Carmelita lived to be 17, a very old age for a dog her size. There is a picture of an elderly Carmelita on my Instagram, @valeriethered, on the far right, second row down.

    1. That’s my hope. We adopted her when she was 9 and every visit they always say, ‘great heart and lungs,’ so I was stunned when they detected a heart murmur. But we keep her in good shape, give her the best food, lots of exercise and just hope that she’ll be with us a lot longer. If only they could live forever. And your Carmelita was a cutie! 17?! Wow.

  4. Thanks so much for the video clip. I love to see how other knitters knit!

  5. I’m in PG and all the rain definitely bummed me out. But I did get to work on a sleeve for the top down sweater I’ve been working on. Staying in bed and knitting was very soothing.

    Also those are the cutest doggies I have ever seen OMG!

    1. YAY PG county!! That’s where I am 🙂 And those dogs are cute and also spoiled. Insanely spoiled. LOL

  6. Your pups are adorable and that matching little sweater–amazing! How I wish I could improvise like that! You are a talented knitter with a gorgeous knitter/puppy lover smile! PS I have a little chihuahua mutt who also likes to sit in my lap while I knit and play Russian Roulette with my teeny sharp DPNs! 🙂

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