Tool Talk: Project Bags

Projects bags are kind of an essential thing in knitting and there are soooo many options out there. I thought I’d share a few of the bags I have and love and then I want to know from you guys what are you favorite project bags? I jumped on the early bandwagon for the Fringe Field Bag.
I currently own three, my original canvas one, the cobalt blue one (that’s big enough to fit Jellybean) I won last year via the Summer of Basics Along (which started June 1) and my husband bought me a camo print one for Christmas last year. I don’t dig out my original canvas one as often because it’s just dirty and I’ve got canvas cleaner but I’m lazy. It’s holding onto a project I will eventually frog for now. I like Field Bags because they’re durable and can surprisingly hold a lot of stuff BUT they don’t hold enough. I knit a lot of sweaters and shawls that turn into massive projects so I started to look for bags that were a little roomier (and not as pricey either – the Field Bag will set you back $75).
Last year I bought myself a Mrs. Brown’s Bag I think around Thanksgiving. I like that she makes custom fabric with yarn from indie dyers that people have knit and crocheted swatches for her to scan. It’s so cool and makes it feel even more special. I have two of her bags (she will occasionally run a sale and that’s when I pick one up), this large zippered bag for sweater quantity – it holds a ton. But it doesn’t have any pockets on the interior. It’s a simple shape and you can wash this bag. I also have one of her smaller totes that I use to carry smaller projects and my wallet when I’m on the go. But for me, I may have found the perfect bag.
I recently purchased a project bag from Tannei Casey and I loooooooove it. The style is similar to the Field Bag, it has interior pockets on the inside and rivets to thread your yarn through but it’s the size that I love. I purchased the large drawstring pouch and it’s perfect for my sweater projects. I can cram a lot in this big bag and it’s made of durable canvas on the interior. But the best part is she has a ton of great printed fabrics for the exterior. They’re also really well made and it’s a one woman shop. I saw a new knitter I follow on Instagram with this bag in the Rifle Paper Co fabric and I had to have it. Best part…the large bag is only $35!! Now I want a million of them.

The great thing is that all of these bags are made by women, who run their own business and if woman can’t support other women…we’re doing something wrong. So these are three of my favorites for project bags, tell me what bags do you like? And add a link so others can check them out too!

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  1. I just ordered 2 bags from tanneicasey!!! 1 for me and 1 for my sister who is my knitting buddy! thank you soooo much for sharing. cant wait to get them and fill with projects. have pattern for shaker t from mason Dixon knitting and trying to decide on a yarn that isn’t as pricey as their sylph. thanks again dana!

      1. lol yes, I ordered before I could change my mind! I got the large drawstring ones, the green with sheep on them and the dark blue with the dark town buildings. they just look perfect. thanks again

  2. I was all set to recommend Tannei Casy’s bags — and was delighted to see that you’ve already found her. All of hers are wonderful — I own 4 different styles. The largest, with the wooden handles, is a great piece – if you fold the handles outward and down while you’re working, it sits there wide open and stable.

  3. I get the “tote bag” option from non-profits I support. I have one from my local NYC park (go Ft. Tryon Park Trust!) and one from the Academy of American Poets. My local NPR station had a 2 bag offer but I declined – with my walking habit and my flat healthy, ugly shoes I am enough of the middle aged lady cliche already. There are also some Trader Joe’s sturdy totes pressed into service. I have been knitting since I was in high school and back in the seventies we thought it was more important to spend our yarn money on yarn. Guess I must be old school. Those Mrs. Brown’s sure are pretty!

    1. I totally get it, for a while I was tossing my knitting into whatever I had but I kind of love the project bags made with knitters in mind. It’s fun! But hey, there’s something for every individual 🙂

  4. Perfect timing! I have a little windfall that I’ve been hoarding to use on knitting supplies, and I think I’m in love with a print that there’s only one of, so I’m not even going to whisper its name till I get it! Most other bags have been either too small or too huge (I’m small and hate looking like one of Santa’s elves hauling my stuff around). My only concern is that it doesn’t have a shoulder strap, but for the price I think I can cope. How do you carry yours? By the overlapping drawstrings? Tucked under your arm? Thanks so much for this great referral.

    1. I hold it by the drawstrings, which is also how I hold my Fringe Bag even though it has a strap LOL I don’t know why. And then with the Mrs. Browns Bag it’s usually tucked inside of a larger tote or purse that I’m carrying out with me.

      1. Got it! Tannei Casey is sending me the “Fuji Stream” bag… so pretty! I see it’s already off the web site, so all I can say is it’s an abstract kind of white/off-white starburst repeat on a gray background with black base.

  5. Thanks sooo much for the info…just bought the large drawstring from tanneicasey. Will be tapping my foot till it arrives. By the by…I too love the field bags and have them on both sizes.

    Hope your day is a good one;).

    1. Oooh which one did you order? Also she shipped it fairly quickly so hopefully you don’t have to wait too long!

      1. Hi;) I think the one I ordered is called “Bloom”. It has a grey base and the body has soft tones of yellow, green or blue, with some grey and cream. Yep, she ships quickly is right…already shipped!!!! Thanks again! I am new to your blog and love it.

      2. Hi again…you were absolutely right about the quick shipping. I just received my bag and I love everything abou it. Thanks again!

  6. So I have a great knitting travel bag from Tom Bihn, which was designed by knitters:

    I also have a super beautiful and expensive bag from Green Mountain Knitting Bags…I love mine (Tapestry chickens…can’t make that up):

    And I have smaller bags…some that I’ve made and some that I’ve purchased BUT I’ve had my eye on the Fringe Supply bags but hesitated because of the price (really makes no sense given what I’ve spent on the other two!) as well as the cleaning issue…I have 4 pugs and 3 cats…but I LOVE the Tannei Casey bags and just ordered the folk art bird one…hoping that the pet hair won’t be too big an issue and the price is right to give it a try…THANK YOU DANA for all you share…you rock!

  7. Thanks for introducing me to other project bags other than the field bag which is loaded down with enamel pins. Next year, I want a Pink Hazelbag from the Edinburgh Yarn Fest in Scotland and I also like the backpack from Ritualdyes. Informative post!

    1. It’s not a huge difference in size but the extra room does make a difference. I can fit a little bit more in there than my field bag (it’s a little taller and a slightly wider base) and you can’t beat the price.

  8. Those are all so cute, I own very few project bags for some reason I just store everything on the book shelves 🙂 But I definitely need to get some, especially for travel time!

  9. I love a good bag. My favorites are from the Knitting Goddess (UK) and my large frame bag from TechMuse RAC. She has an Etsy shop but usually you won’t find much inventory. I bought my first bag from her at a local fiber fest and have since bought myself four more bags and a few others as gifts. The frame bag can hold a sweater or baby/lap blanket easily and it sits open standing up. And I love that it zips up.

  10. I am not a great sewer since I’ve never really enjoyed it, but I do sew. I make my own project bags which are definitely not professional, but serve the purpose and I can use whatever cute fabric I want to. They are a great beginner sewing project actually. And, given that I can make a huge afghan size bag for under $10, fit my budget much better, too. Not to mention, I have way too many projects going at once. But, the other bags are all lovely, too.

    1. I’m an ok sewer, much better knitter. I’m also so lazy about pulling out my machine! I should do better.

  11. I haven’t been knitting very long (don’t let my stash fool you, lol) and project bags are one of those things I keep hearing/seeing people talk about but never investigate for myself. My bag situation is pretty sad: I keep each project in a gallon Ziploc bag and then keep two such bags in a large zipper tote (which is branded for a store where I don’t shop!); the tote is the only part of that “system” that I like because it’s big and secure and has a shoulder strap. My secret knitting shame is now public! 😉 Thanks for sharing these recommendations, and to your commenters for sharing their own–I will be checking out Tannei’s work for sure!

    1. I think we all start in the ziploc bag category, LOL. You don’t really know what you want or need until you get really comfortable with your knitting and do it consistently.

  12. I’m a huge fan of Thirty-One bags, and my favorite project bag is the All in One organizer – I have 3 of those that i use for current projects. When I decided I wanted a bigger bag for large projects or to just hold all my stuff, I got the Deluxe Organizing Utility Tote – But they have lots of other bags/totes/bins that would also work, and they all come in a variety of colors!

  13. I hate to be a Negative Nelly, but I don’t understand the fad for expensive project bags. I’d rather spend on yarn and patterns or books. I like a bag that stands up, so a reusable shopping bag of heavier vinyl with squared off bottom is good for me. Any reusable shopping tote is fine with me. At home a have a couple of small cheap plastic baskets that I use for colorwork–I keep one color in each basket, one on either side of me, to keep the yarns from twisting.

    1. Oh you’re not being negative at all, there was another comment about not buying a project bag. I initially didn’t start off using bags but then found I wanted something to protect what I was working on (especially after spending so much money at times on yarn) and I wanted it to be pretty. To me they’re an extension of what I make and my personality. Also note, my old blog used to be called the Art of Accessories, so I love a good accessory too 😉 I think of it like how I have probably 20 lipsticks/glosses in my purse right now and I know women who own 1 lipstick – that’s it?! But to each her own!

  14. So far i have one of the Thirty one bags, that holds several smaller project bags. They have a knitting i-con (yarn ball with needles sticking out of) that i had my bag personalized with, super cute. One bag i ordered from Etsy and it came from overseas but i purchase most all my project bags thru Erin Lane Bags. Just LOVE her bags!!! She makes different bags for different projects and has LOTS of fun fabrics and her bags are extremely durable and washable. Now i will have to check out the Tanney Casey bags!

  15. I never met a bag I couldn’t fall in love with. That is my problem. I love them all. My current favorite is diana couture. I have several in different shapes and sizes. she even has a bag club (groan!) with mini skeins! My most used style is her Owl Oval. I like how it feds the yarn out through openings and can have two skeins if you’re doing color work. All her handles can open and snap onto a large bag or purse. and you can get any bag with a custom length handle or tweaks you desire. I’m sunk today because there are som many cool bags shown in the post and listed by everyone. Drool. I want them all

    1. Oh I love the oval shape!!! I’m finding so many great options, I’m glad I asked everyone to share.

  16. Hi there, I’m new to your blog and really enjoy it. I’ve been a fan of the bags by for years, and use them for my knitting projects, now. They’re not specific to knitters, but more stable than grocery bags, with lots of print choices. My personality is such that I like to be creative AND organized, haha!

  17. I love my @stitchedbyjessalu bags. I love her assorted sizes. I even have one for my drop spindle. I look for at the fiber festivals, her booth is on my stop each year. Her prints and colors are my Achilles heel:-)

  18. Those bags are all so cute having excellent finishing and sleek design. Thanks for sharing such a good deal for the data… 🙂

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