Stitching Status: Shall I Shawl?

I realized the other day that I usually work on two projects at the same time. When one stitch pattern gets monotonous I pick up something else to shake off the boredom (you know rows of stockinette can get a bit boring). So while I’m working on a secret test knit sweater I decided to also whip up a shawl.
I started and frogged the Dotted Rays shawl in fingering weight yarn last fall.
I didn’t love this pink color palette and the fingering weight yarn wasn’t cooperating with me. BUT since cutting off all my hair and having this cooler spring weather and crazy office cold I decided I wanted to add another shawl to my rotation to keep my neck warm. I wear my Find Your Fade shawl a lot but wanted something more neutral (shocker coming from me but everything can’t be full of color). So I decided to try the Dotted Rays shawl again but in the dk weight version. At first I was going to do several colors but I kept going back to wanting something a bit more neutral that would go with everything. So I dug into my stash and pulled out this Madelinetosh DK Twist in Cosmic Silver I bought in April 2016. I have 6 skeins and this project will probably require about 4 of them, so I’ll have enough to maybe make some fingerless mitts and/or a hat for the fall too. Whenever there is a Madelinetosh sale I typically buy a sweater quantity of yarn and I intended to make this a sweater but last year I also bought the same colorway in worsted weight and made this lovely sweater for myself and Jellybean!
Baldric and Beanie
So I decided why not use all that yarn to make a huge shawl for myself? The color pops are more subtle in the dk weight but they’re there. And this is something easy to work on when my test knit gets boring or I can’t travel with my full sweater. I’d love to do a dk weight two color brioche shawl too but I just haven’t found a pattern I love. Anybody have any suggestions?

18 Replies to “Stitching Status: Shall I Shawl?”

    1. That’s my hope. I do so much color that sometimes I just need to focus on neutrals so that I can throw my knits on with anything.

  1. No shilly-shallying! Shawl for sure! (I remember those days of icy offices. You need a parka in summer and a fan in winter…)

  2. I like Fire in the Sky (, wrong weight but perhaps it would work. Seems a harder thing to find in dk than some other weights. Andrea Mowry and Lesley Anne Robinson both have a few pretty patterns if size isn’t critical and you could use your dk yarn on a fingering or sport pattern.

  3. Love this neutral. The picture is adorable. I’m making the Flyway shawl in yarn from String Theory.

  4. I can’t wait to see the end FO, even your ‘neutral’ knits tend to be more colorful than MOST anything I’ve ever put together 😉 I think it will be lovely! And there are sooooo many different Brioche Shawl options that come up in Google, I’m sure when you see that PERFECT piece you’ll jump on it!

  5. Have you seen Northwest Ferns or Regal Brioche Shawl patterns by Nona Davenport on Ravelry? They are lovely and with your color sense you would make a wonderful combination of colors, maybe even from your stash?

    1. Ooh I had not seen these two and I love the Regal Brioche Shawl!! It’s in fingering weight but I might need to just use bigger needles. Thanks!

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