Stitching Status: Travel Brioche

I’m traveling this week for an annual trade show for work that is always hectic, slightly stressful and full of long days. But I always take knitting with me to try to soothe my nerves and wind down after a long work day. I decided to take two projects with me, my Comfort Fade Cardigan so I could make progress on the body and a new project, a Stephen West Brio-Garter Hat.
Brio-garter hat
I’ve been itching to do something else with 2 color brioche since I finished my sister’s vest but I wanted to take it to the next level. I watched some YouTube videos before I got on the plane about brioche stitch increases and decreases…yeah I didn’t have it down. LOL But this hat starts with an i-cord and then you pick up stitches so it was easy to keep frogging it and starting over once I had already created the i-cord.
Brio-garter hat
I think I started this over 5 times before I realized that in brioche knitting, the stitch with the yarnover that you knit together is consider ONE STITCH. Oops! After that it was easy but that doesn’t mean I didn’t make mistakes. I’d start with the wrong color or start purling instead of knitting or do a left decrease instead of a right decrease. Despite my mistakes, I finished a lovely hat the other night that taught me a lot in the process.  Even with my mistakes it looks really good! I’ll have to take proper pics once I get back home. And speaking of back home…of course I miss my husband but I’m definitely missing these fuzzy butts.
But I’ll be home soon! Now during down time I’m trying to figure out what my next brioche project should be!

11 Replies to “Stitching Status: Travel Brioche”

  1. I always love reading about what you are up to DWJ. This hat is no exception. I love the colors you chose. Looking at the photo where you show the pattern in an electronic format and your notes down below the pattern text prompted me to ask you what kind of system are you using there to keep electronic notes? It looks like it is combined with the pattern? I love to hear how knitters keep themselves organized and especially how they use electronic formats to do this. Thanks in advance! Traveling mercies for getting home from the conference.

    1. So I read patterns in JKnit HD lite on my iPad and then if a part of the pattern has repeats I’ll screenshot the instructions and bring it into the Bamboo paper app and then write out my repeats with my Apple Pencil ☺️ I don’t print much paper and try to do as much digitally as I can.

  2. question, how can you work on two projects at the same time. I just can’t… I am trying to do a blanket and loom a hat… I just can’t focus on either so I am taking a break on looming lol. Safe travels.

    1. It depends on the projects. I’m at the point of doing mindless stockinette stitch on the body of my cardigan that doesn’t have any increases or decreases so I can put it down without fear of getting lost. And I wanted something small and portable for the plane so I went with a hat!

      1. Cool thanks. So I”ll stick with one project at a time lol. One day I’ll get there lol.

  3. I too am always so interested in your projects. They’re so creative with you adding your own modifications and the gorgeous colors. So happy!

    And speaking of brioche, have you seen Douro, a wrap by Nora Gaughan for BT Winter 18? (in Ravelry and Brooklyn Tweed site) Amazing brioche ribs.

    1. So I bought the Freja pattern from the BT Winter but it has been so hard to see patterns knit with dark yarn on dark backgrounds. So I passed a lot of stuff by because I couldn’t tell what it was.

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