Stitching Status: Progress & Projects

I’ve been knitting, but I haven’t taken any finished photos of me wearing my projects. Work is hectic and it’s been rainy here so it has been keeping me from showing you the color changing yarn on my finished Royally Striped cardigan! It’s kind of awesome so I hope I can get a time lapse video showing the color change. Fingers crossed it brightens up around here soon so I can get some UV rays on my yarn!
One of the things I’ve loved when I made the Royally Striped cardigan is that I used an entire skein of Miss Babs Yowza – this was all that was left! It’s a mega skein of 560 yards of yummy light worsted weight yarn and is slowly becoming a favorite. I was worried I might have to crack into the other skein but I didn’t which means it can be used in another fun project. I really do play a lot of yarn chicken but since I didn’t use the same colors like in the pattern I wasn’t 100% sure what yardage amounts I would need. Needless to say, it all turned out just fine and I totally want to make this cardigan again. Maybe the next one will be more neutral? Or maybe it will be a gift for someone else? Who knows.
In other news, I’m currently working on that baby blanket to go with the tiny green hat I made the other night. I decided on chevrons but I’m doing solid blocks of green with navy and light grey stripes of chevrons in between 3 blocks of green. I think it will have a great contrast and make the green really pop. I’m sure my girlfriend will love it and I’m sure her baby will be snuggled with it for years to come.
Whenever I knit the dogs are glued to my hips on the couch, they’re good company. I’ve only had two occasions where Jellybean was hyped up and ran away with my ball of yarn thinking it was a toy but I quickly got it back. But I’m always snapping photos of them and usually sharing them on my Instagram stories but this pic of Jelly…every time I look at this photo all I can think of is Dumbo and the line, ‘you can fly, you can fly, you can fly!’ LOL She’s all ears and cuteness. Hopefully over the weekend I’ll have lots of sunshine and time to properly photograph my latest finished object and with the way this baby blanket is working up I’ll be finished with that soon too!

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