FO: Bow Down to the Crown

Since I’ve been sick for the last 2 weeks this has pretty much been my view.
Jellybean didn’t leave an inch between us every single day. If I coughed she’d put her paw on me like ‘it’s okay, it’ll stop soon.’ And Cher on the other hand was like ‘you’re coughing too loudly so I’m going to leave and take a nap elsewhere until you get this under control.’ LOL I love her but at almost 13 years old Cher likes a bit of solitude sometimes and I respect that. But I can say that today is the first day in a while that I woke up feeling like myself. Thank goodness. I’m not 100% but I’ll take 80% Dana over the 20% I had been functioning on for the last 2 weeks.
But in between naps and doses of medicine I accomplished some good mindless knitting and I made two small crowns for Maddie and her baby sister Olivia.
When Maddie was a baby her Dad used to love this little pink crocheted headband and he’d put it on her all the time. He asked me early on if I could make a bigger one once she grew out of it. I searched for a while to find a knit crown and just couldn’t find an easy one and then suddenly I found the Circlet pattern and I was super excited to whip up 2 crowns. Oh and the bear as a model? That’s my childhood teddy bear Arlana. I still have her and few other choice dolls and they’re all in pristine condition.
For Maddie I used some of the scrap yarn from my sister’s Seagrass cardigan. Maddie loves all things sparkly and pink and girly so I thought this was a good color for her. Added bonus this yarn has a lot of stretch to it, so much so I need to take out one of the peaks since it’s just a tiny bit big.
And for Olivia I used the scraps from the Clap Your Hands yarn I used on the Acid Rain Shawl. Since I used dk weight yarn I used a size 5 needle on both of these and just knit until I got the inches required for each age. The pattern calls for sport weight but also says you can substitute for any yarn weight you want. You can whip 1 up in a hour! And it’s a super cute little add-on to a baby gift. Oh and did I mention the pattern is free? The sizes go from baby to adult, so you can even make one for yourself if you’re feeling fancy. I love cutesy little knits like this.

5 Replies to “FO: Bow Down to the Crown”

  1. That’s super cute! I have a 2 year old birthday party we’re going to this weekend, so I think I have time to whip one of these up!

  2. It was always fun to put a hair/head accessory on my girls when they were bebes. I can understand why your friend wanted a bigger one for his daughter. I’m sorry you’re so sick. Damn; and this is with a flu shot?

    1. No, no flu shot. I have some serious drug allergies and have had a bad reaction to them so I go without.

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