FO: Sister Sweaters

Welcome to Monday. My posting has been a little off lately but with the holidays I have a feeling it will be like that more often than not. But don’t worry, I’ve actually be furiously knitting lots of smaller things in between working on sweaters. I may not get all the sweaters I wanted finished for the holidays but the sweater for my Mom is working up beautifully but I like to stop and take breaks because the smaller needles kill my hands. So what else have I have been working on? Sister sweaters (a link to baby and toddler)!
Sister Sweaters
My favorite little girl is getting a little sister in February so I decided I’d make Maddie and baby girl coordinating sister sweaters.
Sister Sweaters
For both sweaters I used the Baby and Child Sophisticated Sweater pattern and just omitted the shawl collar. I made the 0-3 month and the 24 months sizes. When my girlfriend was pregnant with Maddie before we even knew she was a girl I knit her this cardigan in red and grey as a gift and Maddie ended up wearing it for most of the spring that year. It was cute to see it on her Facebook feed popping up in photos when they were out and about. I love seeing my hand knits out in the wild. I’m hoping she can get the same wear out of this new sweater with baby sister (even though I’m pretty sure she still has the first sweater stashed away).
Sister Sweaters
On both sweaters I used my trusted favorite Caron’s Simply Soft in Sunshine (yellow), Off White and Heathered Gray but I mixed up the colors on each sweater and made the stripes bigger on the toddler size.
Sister Sweaters
And both sweaters have these sweet yellow, grey and white owl buttons I picked up at Joann’s. I wanted the sweaters to be the same but still a little different. That’s how my parents always did things for us since there were three girls. We might get the same jeans but in different colors to fit our personalities. It’s nice not to have to have all the same stuff as your sister. We threw my girlfriend a little baby ‘sprinkle’ (first baby you shower her with gifts and the second you sprinkle her with gifts) and I gave her the sweaters. And her facial expression is why I make these things…
Yuvay's sprinkle
I think she knew I’d knit something for the new little one but when she pulled out the coordinating sweater for Maddie she melted.
Yuvay's sprinkle
A total yards of happiness kind of moment 🙂

15 Replies to “FO: Sister Sweaters”

  1. What a happy post!!! And these are suuuuper cute complementary sweaters! I love them both. 🙂

  2. DWJ, that is awesome! It DOES make your heart melt to see that your time and attention to your hand-knits is REALLY appreciated. 🙂 Way to go!

    1. Just stunning! I love your color choices for these sweaters, and I’m waiting with everyone else to see these cute creations modeled.
      I’m feeling pitiful this week: took a terrible tumble in the yard and shattered my right elbow last Saturday. None of my Christmas knits are done. Sigh. If you or anyone out there has been through this, I would be SO grateful for ideas how to heal knitting muscles fast… And how not to go crazy in the meantime!

      1. Oh no! Honestly my wrists have issues I’ve had for years and the best thing you can do is give yourself time to heal. Folks can get gifts after Christmas and they’ll totally understand. You have to rest and heal! Please take care of yourself.

  3. This post made my heart melt too! Just adorable! Can’t wait to see the pic of sisters in their sweaters. ❤

      1. I don’t know them but me too! Babies and kid cuddles … better than knitting. Yep … I really said that! LOLOL!

  4. Big sister always has to be remembered. She will be so happy. Your friend is glowing. Love how she’s rockin’ that little fascinator.

    1. We had a tea party and everyone wore fascinators. We figured we could have some fun and dress up, it was cute.

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