To Frog or Not to Frog?

You may remember my Flaum cardigan from the fall.
This is the only picture I’ve taken of it but I’ve gotten it all the down to 6 inches from the separation for sleeves. I made a lot of progress and then I just hit a wall.

The fisherman’s rib stitch combined with the size 6 needles made my hands cramp and I was just bored. But after going so far with this sweater I’ve still been really reluctant to frog this one. On one hand I think this piece would be a great wardrobe staple in a neutral color that I need but on the other hand it’s boring me in so many ways. I like to knit because I find it pleasurable. It clears my head, it soothes me and this just irritates me. So what would you do?

Would you frog it or push through?

20 Replies to “To Frog or Not to Frog?”

  1. Have you looked on Ravelry to see if there is something else you can use your yarn for that you like just as much? Maybe looking at other options will give you the knowledge to frog or keep going.

    1. So I have a ton of the yarn and I originally bought it for something else. I could literally make anything with it but have been really hesitant to frog it. I feel like I made it so far…but I don’t want to finish it (at least not currently).

  2. I was making a beautiful, heavily cabled cardigan, and realized I could do only two or three rows every few weeks because it hurt my hands so much. I tried different needles, metal, bamboo, square, round, straights and circulars, and various cable needles, too. Nothing helped. It lived in time out for six months, then I frogged it. It was a triumphant moment for me, after rewinding the yarn I blasted through a different pattern that the recipient loves. I say frog it.

    1. I’m inching closer and closer to that. I just hate not having finished it knowing it was coming out nicely. But I fell like I physically just can’t.

      1. I know. That’s why the one I frogged lived in time out for so long. I was a little sick at the thought of frogging it. Ultimately, if it’s not giving you pleasure, why give it your time? Think of how much you’ll love another, similar; but less painful cardigan.
        Bury it somewhere for a few weeks and see how you feel about, then.

  3. Is it boring you just to knit it, or is it also boring you to look at it? If the color is boring you- then you won’t wear it. It could match everything you own, and it will just sit in your sweater drawer.

    1. It might be both. The stitch it boring me and I don’t LOVE the color. I like camel a lot but this is more beige…but I have a lot of it. So maybe I need to frog it and make someone else a sweater who will love the color…

  4. What a dilemma! I say . . . keep it to the side and sleep on it some more 😉

    1. But it’s been sitting on the side for a good two months. I think I have to make a decision.

  5. You’ve got lots of votes for frogging, I see, and I have to say I’m with them. I’ve started a number of projects because I had yarn that needed to be used up… only to realize that I was sick of the sight of them. Putting the project aside just ties up the needles so you can’t use them for something you like better! Frankly, I was surprised to see this color yarn on your site… It just isn’t “you,” is it? I wonder if you tried something like the a-simmetrie sweater with a pop of color alongside you might like the yarn better. Just a thought.

    1. I love how people know I don’t do neutral. LOL But I am knitting a grey sweater right now and I love the yarn and it’s a nice deep charcoal color. Not my norm but definitely better than this yarn :/

  6. I’d frog it too, when I don’t enjoy crocheting something then I also don’t enjoy wearing it, especially if there’s something wrong with the colour (mostly) and it doesn’t feel ‘me’. I frogged a beautiful (pattern-wise) shawl recently because I couldn’t stand the colours, even though it was 2/3 ready and I never regretted this decision. Whatever you decide, I hope it’s the best decision for you!

  7. If it’s boring me…frog. You have such a lively personality and a natural relationship with knitted items in color. I was surprised you chose this neutral.

  8. I knit a sweater last year in grey. Really boring at the time (especially because I was knitting a grey sweater in February…had to put it down for a while and finish it in May, because grey in February is not a good knitting choice. (At least in Seattle). That being said, it’s one of my favorite sweaters to wear. But if it’s making your hands hurt….that’s not good. I was also surprised you picked this neutral.

  9. Based on this post and your replies to other’s comments, I think you need to frog it. You knit to bring yourself joy, and if it’s not bringing you joy, what’s the point? My mother says the same thing about books; there are so many, if you don’t like the one you picked up, stop, and start reading something you’ll like better. Life is too short to not enjoy your favorite pastime!

  10. For me pain=stop. If the choice were only boring vs interesting, that would be different. Simple things can be useful & beautiful, although sometimes very time-consuming, but if it’s not a good fit then it’s time to frog.

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