FO: Striped Bermondsey Cardigan

Striped Bermondsey and me
I was going to wait and share this later, I’ve got some other baby knits that are finished, but I felt like sharing a finished object I’m excited about today.
Striped Bermondsey and me
This is my black and white striped Bermondsey cardigan that I knit for myself as a nice fall/winter staple for my wardrobe. I’ve been really attempting to build my wardrobe with things that I love and want to wear and make me happy. I’m working on a nice neutral cardigan that I can throw on with anything next but I’ve got more colorful knits coming down the pipeline soon. Oh and might I suggest this great article by Stacy London on aging and style on Refinery29, it’s a great read no matter what age you are about how you define your own style and how it evolves as you age. But back to this sweater. This sweater makes me super happy.
Striped Bermondsey and me
I originally knit this sweater in shades of blue for my sister after I took a class on sweater knitting. It was a simple bulky weight sweater with a few new to me things at the time so it was challenging but not too intimidating. What I loved the most about it when I made it for my sister was how it had an angular drape to the front. I knew I’d make it for myself at some point but when I started to think about it I decided I wanted to make mine with stripes. So I wrote out the pattern in my size line by line in excel and figured out I could do 10 row stripes of black and white. Writing it out and color coding the lines in Excel made it super easy to not mess up my stripes. And because I always need a little bit of color I added a super bright pink as the trim color. All the yarn I used for this was the Knit Picks Mighty Stitch Bulky.
Striped Bermondsey and me
I knit this in a size 42 for myself and the only issue I really had was that the armholes are a bit larger than I think they should be so I added a lot more decreases as I was working on the sleeves to try to slim them out. I tried it on often and I feel like my arm length is just a half an inch too long but that adds to the coziness of wrapping up in this sweater. If it starts to bother me too much I can always cut it back and redo the cuffs. I also shortened the length of the body because if I kept going it would’ve added two more stripes and that would’ve just been too long for me. At this length I can wear it with leggings on the weekend or slim pants like these crazy black and white graphic trousers I have on for work.
Bermondsey with stripes
I knew once I washed and dried this sweater in my machine the yarn would pill/fuzz up a bit so I made sure to have my sweater Gleener on hand to defuzz it and make it look like it was freshly knit. And it does! Not a fuzzball in site for these pictures. Also Jellybean is just like Cher and believes that my hand knits are meant for her to have a soft place to sit. I don’t have fuzzballs on my sweater but I always have dog hair on my sweaters LOL. I’m getting excited about fall being just around the corner. Now if we could just get over these 90 degree days and give me some chilly mornings I’d be a much happier knitter. Have you finished any sweaters for yourself for the fall season?

28 Replies to “FO: Striped Bermondsey Cardigan”

    1. I feel like you can never go wrong with black and white but I always need just a little pop of something fun. And sometimes I’m in awe of myself with all my FOs. LOL But I’m happy to keep plugging away at making things I love.

  1. love! the sweater!!!! looks good on too… I am almost done with the reyna shawl in black and white variegated.. excited as this is the first real thing I have knitted for myself….

    1. Well congrats on knitting yourself something! I used to make so much for others and then realized I didn’t have anything for myself to show all my hard work. I always try to make sure I will make for me too.

  2. Wow! I really like this. That drape in the front is super cute! It looks perfect on you!!

    1. Thank you. I love the shape of this cardigan, and it’s just simple increases. I’m sure this will get made again in a solid color too at some point.

      1. Just read the Stacy London article. Loved it!! Thank you to much for pointing it out.

      2. Wasn’t it great?! My BFF sent it to me. I love Stacy London and I feel like the older I get the less I think my life is like how I thought it would be but the better I get 😉

  3. That looks like the sweaters I knit for myself! I am GREEN! It looks ssssoooo cozy! 🙂

  4. This is so so gorgeous!!! Love the stripes and this splash of color at the border! You are so inspiring!

  5. Hi! I was looking up the Knitpicks Mighty Stitch Bulky as an affordable option with some wool content. What did you think of the yarn? Is it warm without being sweaty?! Thanks!

    1. Yeah it’s not going to be super hot. It can produce some fluff/lint after the first washing but after that it’s fine.

  6. I love these colors😍😍 and the style of this cardigan os amazing!!!😍😍

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