Cozy Choices

In the last week I’ve knit three baby sweaters. More on the sister sweaters but I want to get pics of them in their sweaters to share. Next up I want to whip up a quick bulky weight knit for one of my aunts. She’s 90 and had surgery and is recovering but I want to make something comforting for her. Her favorite color is green but she also wears a lot of grey and black, so I picked up 4 skeins of green and 4 skeins of grey Berroco Vintage Chunky thinking I’d use my new brioche knitting skills to whip up a quick lap blanket. But then I thought how about a bulky weight cardigan that she can throw on when people come to visit? Right now I’m considering this.
Selvedge Cardigan
The Selvedge Cardigan. It’s in my library in a magazine and it’s a bottom up, bulky weight knit. I figure I could do the ribbing in one color and maybe even color block the sleeves a bit? Or perhaps another Bermondsey? This would be the third I’ve knit.
Striped Bermondsey and me
It has that great coziness to it that might be nice for laying around the house. Thoughts? Suggestions?


12 thoughts on “Cozy Choices

  1. What a sweet, thoughtful gift! My mom is nearly 90 and is happiest in a sweater of some kind these days, as she really feels the cold. I find that seamless, super stretchy styles work best for getting on and off with arms that aren’t as flexible as they once were. Either one of these styles would be lovely. I love the Selvedge, and will be checking it out for me (!), but I’m thinking the Bermondsey would provide more coverage in front and so be a little warmer?

  2. Girlfriend, you are awesome and gorgeous. I am jealous of your knitty productivity. I feel all over the place right now. I think I need a planner.

    • Awwww thanks. I used to plot it all out but now I just make it as it comes. This sweater wasn’t on the plan but sometimes you need to make a good gift for someone you love.

  3. I thought that this one might be good for your Auntie. I have a friend who knit one for herself and one for her mom and has not gotten two more of us to knit our own!
    Veronika Cardigan
    by Shannon Cook
    In Ravelry

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