FO: Little Knits

I have been busy making knits for all the little people in my life. Maddie who is 1 1/2 is growing and I decided she needed a good dress for fall into winter. 
Maddie's Neon dress
This is the Autumn Frock that I’ve made for Maddie before in a smaller size. It’s a quick worsted weight knit and I decided I didn’t want to do it in just a solid color. Unfortunately the rows begin in the center but I was pretty clean with my joins. It’s noticeable to me but not something to make me rip it back and just do a solid color. Because why not have some fun when knitting, especially for kids?!
Maddie's Neon dress
I couldn’t get my camera to truly show how vivid this neon coral yarn is but it’s a favorite of mine. And the Caron Simply Soft is a great workhorse yarn. It is soft and washes and dries beautifully!
Maddie's Neon dress
I’ve got more baby knits to work on but I’m taking another break to knit for myself. And just because it’s Wednesday I thought I’d share the latest cuteness that is one of my fur children. I give you Jellybean in a sparkly cowboy hat.
Tiny sheriff

Have a great day!

6 Replies to “FO: Little Knits”

  1. If you’re really bothered by the ‘middle join’ you could always stick a button or a cute applique over it 🙂 Just a thought. Great job, she is going to look soooo cute in it, with her little Chucks and leggings on!

    1. I actually thought about a bow but didn’t want to fuss with it or draw even more attention to what I see. I’m learning to live with things not being absolutely perfect.

  2. So pretty! Right now I’m blessed with a majority of little boys in my life… Great fun, but this little dress makes me wistful. I guess expanding the circle is the answer. Time to go looking for girls! I’ve found that pulling the end of the new color quite firmly when I’m weaving it in helps camouflage the end-of-row jog in color work. But as others have said, it’s a minor detail. And it’s such a wonderful design feature that I can’t imagine wanting it different. I just looked at the original design and your version is a knockout.

    Now… how did you get that little dog to sit still with ears up under a hat? That is a picture of true canine devotion!

    1. Ha! I’m lucky that both my dogs will wear a hat! She kept her head down but didn’t try to pull it off. They indulge me. And I had a long run of baby boys and now it’s all girls!

  3. Jellybean is rocking that hat! What a sweetheart! And the dress is gorgeous!

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