FO: Another Little Cardigan

WHAT?! It’s Friday?
I know, I can’t believe it either. It has been a bit of a hectic week and I’m looking forward to the weekend. I’m going to have to run to the yarn shop in downtown DC today during lunch because I don’t have any size 3 needles and I need them for the ribbing on the socks I want to start for my godson. I’ll actually have some time to myself on Sunday so I’m hoping to make some progress on those. But speaking of progress, I never shared the last little baby cardigan I made.
My girlfriend Kimberly is having a little boy in August and she and her partner are big time Dallas Cowboys fans. So when I knew I was having lunch with her the other weekend I decided to whip up a Dallas Cowboys colored sweater for her little guy for fall (I knit the 3 months size). I knit a lot of this in the car because I started it on a Thursday night and finished it by Saturday evening and we went up to Baltimore that weekend to visit with friends so I had a nice 2 hours of car time to just work the body of this sweater.
Cowboys cardigan
I also have a pretty nice sized stash of Caron Simply Soft so my color possibilities are endless but I knew it had to be Cowboy colors (despite my husband’s allegiance to the NY Giants).

I did finish up the shawl (minus the edging but I’ll talk about that next week) and it has been blocked and dried. I hope I get some time to photograph it over the weekend so I can give it to my Mom to take with her to Memphis. Have a great weekend everyone!

4 Replies to “FO: Another Little Cardigan”

  1. Great little cardigan, and Cher’s expression is pretty awesome. Have a great weekend!

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