FO: A Sweet Little Sweater & Socks

My friends are having a baby boy in about a week or so and I missed their baby shower so I decided to whip up a little sweater for spring and some socks for baby Greyson.
For Greyson
Even though his name is Greyson I didn’t want to do all grey because that’s boring to me. So I went with pumpkin orange and charcoal grey trim for another Wee Sherlock sweater. Also I don’t like to cable that much so I omitted the cable down the middle with a simple garter stitch panel. It’s clean and simple and I like the look of it.
For Greyson
I really like this pattern for a different looking cardigan. I love the buttons going down the side inside of the middle. Although my pics make it look brown it’s more or a charcoal grey for the trim and the buttons. I was hoping that would give it a slightly masculine vibe but it’s pretty gender neutral no matter what. I also decided since Greyson will be born in late February/early March by the time he truly starts to fill this out it’ll be warm so I didn’t go with long sleeves. It’s a nice soft layer to add over any onesie he might be wearing that day or he can wear it as a shirt as it gets warmer. And I didn’t feel like making a hat so instead, I made socks!
For Greyson
I went with the Little Squirrel socks from TinCan Knits and each one took me an hour and a half to whip up for the newborn size. I was working with size 5 needles and worsted weight yarn (my favorite baby yarn, Caron Simply Soft. I will admit I was too lazy to do a kitchener stitch to close off the toe so I just did a 3 needle bind off and called it a day.
For Greyson
I had to stuff a little tissue paper inside of them to get them to fill out so you could actually see the shape of them. They’re so tiny! I can’t believe little baby feet will eventually be filling these. So there you have it, two super simple and quick knits to whip up over a weekend when you want to make something for a baby.


June’s FO’s Roundup

I do not know how it is already July! I feel like summer is slipping by me and I’m still plugging away at my summer knits. Clearly I need to start earlier. On a positive note, July 1 is Cher’s birthday! My sweet girl is 12 today so we’re going to have lots of peanut butter and belly rubs today. Now back to knitting…here’s a roundup of what I finished in the month of June.
June knitting

Fewer knits this month for myself but still some pretty awesome projects. I’m slowly plugging away at the 13 inches of stockinette stitch for the body of my Lipstick cardigan right now and perhaps since I’m taking an extra long weekend I might get it finished to wear next week! I’m loving the bright red and think it will be great to throw on with all my black and white (for as much as I love color, I love a graphic black and white). I’m also working on a green cotton blend yarn in a design of my own making. Circular yoke, perhaps with a little swing to the body – we shall see what it becomes. And I’m hoping to knit a stuffed animal or two in July and perhaps another pair of socks!

What have you finished up this month? And what’s in your queue? 

Also – I most likely won’t be posting on Monday with the holiday and just enjoying my long weekend, so I hope you have a wonderful July 4th as well!

FO: Rye Socks

The request was simple: an orange pair of socks to keep my godson’s feet warm. I’m not a big sock knitter but I knew I could do it for him and his birthday was coming. Besides the kid is just the cutest (evidence of his cuteness seen here) and I can’t deny him a request. So I started by knitting a test pair of socks just to make sure I got sock construction down. And then I moved on to a real pair.
Rye sock
I knit AJ a pair of the Tin Can Knits Rye socks. A free pattern and knit up in a dk weight yarn. Way less intimidating than getting sock yarn and using tiny needles. I’m getting less and less intimidated by tiny needles – I just keep reminding myself that I will not be intimidated by things I don’t know in knitting. I just have to learn!
Rye socks
The only issue I had was that at the age of 15, my adorable godson is 6 feet tall and with size 12 shoes…and counting. He doesn’t seem to want to stop growing! So I knit the large and they were big socks but I figured even if they were a little big, he’d grow into them. Besides, he just wants them for when he’s in the house playing video games so if they end up fitting a bit big he doesn’t care – he just wants to be warm! And since he’s a teenager I knit them up in Neighborhood Fiber Co’s studio worsted (it’s more like a dk/light worsted) in the super bright orange Otterbein colorway so that he could throw them in the washing machine but only had to air dry them. To ask a teenager to handwash a sock is kind of laughable to me.
Rye socks
I also get why people are sock knitters, it’s such an easy and portable project to always work on! Sometimes carrying a top down sweater around can be just a little too cumbersome, so I think I’ll be working on a few socks here and there for my cousin in Chicago to keep her feet warm for winter. And if you’re looking to dip your toe into sock knitting, Knit Picks released the individual patterns for their Toasty Toes collection for free on their website! I downloaded a couple to try out. A coworker gave up trying to knit and gave me a few bundles of sock yarn so I’ve got something to look forward to knitting next! What’s your favorite sock pattern to knit? Share!