A Whole Year!

I didn’t realize it but Friday was the year anniversary of starting Yards of Happiness. A whole year has gone by with me blogging again and I’m kind of shocked – it felt like less time than that. But in this last year this blog has grown a lot and gotten a lot of views, comments and love – and that’s from all of you. I thank you being awesome, encouraging people who happily share tips and tricks of your own! I’ve learned and tried a lot in the last year and I think it’s because I knew you guys would want feedback!

I started Yards of Happiness because I actually wanted to share things again after I had taken a break from blogging. Knitting became something that I loved and I wanted to connect with others who loved knitting and yarn as much as I do. And man it’s been so great this past year. If you’re new to the site I thought I’d give you a few highlights of the last year (click the highlighted names for posts).

Mountain High
I'm sitting on my couch knitting and couldn't figure out why I got a ton of new Ravelry messages. Login and see my @pipibird_hk Mountain High sweater on the homepage 😊 I love the knitting community and the sweet things folks have to say and share :p
My Mountain High sweater was featured on the Ravelry blog and that is probably how many of you ended up reading my blog. I thought that was pretty cool.

24 Sweaters in 1 Year
A lot of sweaters
If you haven’t noticed it yet, I’m a fast knitter. I’m also an obsessive sweater knitter. In 2015 I knit 24 sweaters and learned a lot along the way. The link above is to all my finished objects if you’d like to browse.

Madelinetosh Shoutout
Cracked pepper
I love yarn, I think of it as artwork and it was really awesome for Madelinetosh to retweet a pic of my Cracked Pepper cardigan where I used her Neon Peach yarn. Color lovers unite!

Custom Sweater
Custom gradient striped cardigan
I knit my first custom sweater from beginning to end and I was pretty darn proud of myself. It also lead me to knit my own custom cape design this spring.

This last year has been fun and I don’t think much is going to change around here. I’m still knitting almost every day and cranking out projects left and right. I’m hoping to work on some more complex sweaters this summer before I get into the crush of wanting to knit for my family for Christmas. I’ve also knit socks and I have plans to dip my toe into some colorwork (other than stripes). So thanks for joining me here, I’m happy to share my knitting world (and Cher) with you whether it’s been a day or the entire year! Who knows what this next year will bring!

6 Replies to “A Whole Year!”

  1. Congratulations on your blogiversary!!! Yards of Happiness is one of my faves! ❤

  2. Congratulations! Your dedication is inspiring, and your output pretty damn amazing. Did I tell you I bought some Miss Babs yarn when I went to Fibre Space in Alexandria. It was all because of you. You should get a commission.

    1. Thank you! And what colorway for the Miss Babs? I totally love every single color. What are you going to make?!

      1. I had to go check – it’s brown meadow, a colour combination I don’t often see. I don’t know what I’m going to make yet; I might go with a simple seamless sweater, but if you have a suggestion, I’m all ears!

      2. Look up Untangling Knots store on Ravelry. She has some dotted sweaters that I think are perfect for Miss Babs! If you have a lot, look at Alicia Plummer patterns.

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