FO: Wild One

This is not my first finished sweater for 2016 but this is my first sweater for myself for 2016 – #selfishknitting. I haven’t talked about the one I finished on January 1 yet because it was shipped to my cousin in Chicago last week and their postal system always has a delay.  She just got it last night and it fits her beautifully but I’m waiting for a selfie of her wearing to share. So until I get that how about I share this gem?
Cala Luna / Wild Thing sweater
Meet Wild One, also known by it’s original pattern name, Cala Luna. I’ve tried to really pick patterns of sweaters and tops I’d want to wear over and over again and this one is definitely going to be in heavy rotation with Mountain High and my Green Garter Raglan.
Cala Luna / Wild Thing sweater
A few things I should note about this pattern, my thoughts and my choices:

      • It’s pushed me out of my normal comfort zone of worsted/aran weight and bulky weight knitting. I used Miss Babs Yowza (the colorway is called Celebration) that I bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool festival and Neighborhood Fiber Co Studio Worsted (the colorway is called 1600 Pennsylvania Ave), which are light worsted/dk weight  yarns and I used size 5 and 7 needles – not my norm. I still finished it in 10 days, even with the stray dog keeping me from knitting. I have to stop limiting myself based on the yarn choice, I really do.
      • It’s a bottom up sweater with a seamed/set-in sleeve. After doing a fully seamed sweater I’ve realized I’ve gotten a lot more confidence in my projects. Plus, this construction was just like Togue Pond tank but with sleeves. I’m going to do my best to keep my confidence up and push myself to try things I’d typically shy away from because if I don’t I won’t have fun sweaters like this one.
      • I swapped out the standard short rows for German short rows and this technique is AH-MAZING!! Also, I love VeryPink Knits YouTube tutorials. My LYS suggested I try German short rows and now I wonder how I will ever not use them? I always get a funny whole when I pick up the purl side of short rows and this was so simple and so easy that I just knew it was going to be wonky and it wasn’t. You have to try this technique.

Cala Luna / Wild Thing sweater
Every time I knit something and put it on or see someone else put it on I’m still amazed. I made that and it fits and it looks good. I always feel so accomplished and wearing things I knit for myself makes me feel so good. I just love it. I’m addicted and my goal to have all my sweaters be hand knit sweaters doesn’t seem so lofty anymore.
Cala Luna / Wild Thing sweater
I’ve got a small test knit on my needles and I’m traveling this week so I think I’m going to knit a tie or two for a friend and my husband while I’m on a long flight. Then I’ve got a few baby knits I need to work on before these new baby girls make their way into the world. My 2016 knitting mantra/resolution is to stop being afraid to try something new, it’s all about learning! Can you tell I’m off to a great start so far this year?

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17 Replies to “FO: Wild One”

  1. You’re afraid?! I would have never guessed!
    Still, those sound like good goals for 2016.😀

    1. HAHAHAHA yes, I’m not fearless. I get intimidated by things that look complex. Don’t even get me started with colorwork, but I do want to try that this year. It’s why I like taking classes every few months.

      1. All I can say is, “try it!” Once you ‘get’ the logic behind colourwork, it’s the same feeling you felt after learning German short rows. 😀

        I just watched that Very Pink video. Her videos are well-made, well lit and easy to follow. She had me laughing. Can’t wait to try it out. I’m doing another test knit, but have already passed the short row section… I also like Shadow/ twin short row method.

      2. OOh shadow/twin short rows?! Never heard of those, going to check them out next.

  2. Very Pink Knits IS amazing! I watch her new videos every Wednesday at lunchtime.

    Dana–what kind of seaming did you do? Seaming and steeking are intimidating for me.

    1. It’s essentially a mattress stitch and that’s what they taught me in my seamed sweater class at my LYS. Here’s a pretty good video I watched to refresh my memory and I love VeryPink Knits!! She does awesome close-ups and makes everything look simple. I’m terrified of steeking. TERRIFIED!

  3. For steeking, check out Kate Davies’ blog… Well, after checking if Very Pink has a video on it…

  4. 1. German short rows are amazing, I’m so glad they worked out for you! 2. This is the second or third FO I’ve seen recently from Miss Babs YOWZA and I think I’m def going to be getting some! Yours knitted up so awesome!

    1. This was my first time knitting with Miss Babs and I really liked it. It feels really good and that’s part of the joy of knitting. Plus I love a huge skein so I don’t have to weave in lots of ends!

  5. Woohoooo!!!! Love this years Knitting Resolution! You’ll do it! 🙂

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