Picking Patterns | Tundra: Elements

I knit a lot of sweaters last year. A lot. And my obsession with sweater knitting hasn’t ended and I see even more sweater knitting in my future. Part of it is that I have this goal of making all the sweaters in my closet hand knit. I wear a lot of cardigans, I love a cozy pullover or tunic, I like being warm. Despite el Nino trying to keep our winter a bit milder, there’s still a need for sweaters in these cooler temps on the east coast. So after I finish off a few things for others I’ve already got my patterns purchased for my next quick sweater knit in bulky weight yarn.
I somehow stumbled across Tundra Elements by Kelbourne Woolens and realized it’s kind of like a Choose Your Own Adventure series but for knitting patterns.
At the heart of it, all the patterns have the Packard sweater as their base and then you choose the collar and other details that you want and they give you those modifications. I love it! There are 8 patterns and they’re knit on 10 and 10 1/2 needles (I don’t know why but 10 1/2 is my favorite needle size. It’s not to big and not too small – weird I know) and all with bulky weight yarn. This means I can whip up at least one of these in a week! I’m surprised that although this pattern collection came out in 2013, there are only 79 projects completed thus far on Ravelry. Well, I think this sweater will be the 80th project.
The first project on my list – Dragonslark. I’m obsessed with this fun collar and doing a great contrast of colors. I plan on using a gorgeous deep teal Berroco Vintage for the body that I’ve had in my stash  for too long and I picked up a huge skein of Miss Babs K2 in Ghoulish, a lime green, for the collar. Add in cute buttons and it will probably be the cutest sweater in my collection. After I knit this one I’m sure I’ll want to knit a couple of other ones in the collection.
Echo Lodge might be number 2 on my list from this pattern book. Let’s see how well Dragonslark goes and I’ll let you know. I’m trying to get through everything in my stash and things that I had queued and sadly, I don’t have a lot of bulky weight in my stash. But even if I don’t get to all of these in this collection by February, I’ve definitely got a few projects to look forward to for next winter!

What’s a fun pattern collection that I should check out? Any suggestions?

3 Replies to “Picking Patterns | Tundra: Elements”

  1. See, that’s why I keep coming back here! LOL! We have the same taste: Dragonslark was the only sweater from the collection that wowed me (I’m wondering if I love it because the model looks a bit like Audrey Tatou?). You will be even more exclusive, as only 8 people have made it.
    I love the idea of that teal and bright green. Very curious to see what buttons you choose for the third colour contrast! Red? Purple? Orange? Black?

    And I used to love love love those Choose your own adventure books! After a while, I would have all 5 fingers marking pages to go back to! It was crazy.😂

    1. I tried to go through every adventure. I needed to know it all! LOL

      And as for buttons, I actually found some that are fabric and have a lighter shade of teal and the green but not sure if they’re the right size. Finding buttons is one of my favorite things, it brings it all together.

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