FO: Cupid Cardigan for a Cutie

Do you see them? The little hearts running down the back of this cardigan? This is Cupid a cardigan pattern I bought a long time ago but was afraid to knit because I hadn’t knit a sweater before. But when I saw this pattern I knew I’d eventually make it for someone’s baby. Now after finishing it, I realize I would’ve been a little confused because I didn’t find the pattern crystal clear and that’s after knitting 24 sweaters last year. So I knit it just at the right time, where I had enough knowledge of sweater knitting to understand what needed to be done to finish this little project.
It has a rolled hem and neckline with fuller sleeves. I probably could’ve tapered the sleeves a bit more (I read in comments that people felt the sleeves were a bit wide) but sometimes I find kid sweaters can be hard to put on a moving toddler. Might as well make it easy on the parents with a fuller sleeve to slip on, right? I barely used my second skein of Miss Babs Yowza in Celebration on my Wild One sweater and I was trying to think of what I could make with the 450-500 yards I had left. I’m not a big shawl knitter and it didn’t want this to become a hat and then I realized this sweater pattern required a dk yarn and the Miss Babs is a light worsted/dk that would be perfect. Typically I would use an acrylic blend for a children’s item (hello, wash and dry) but I had the yarn, I wasn’t going to use it and I thought it would be a great colorful piece to add to Maddie’s wardrobe. Plus I’m hoping with the 12-18 month sizing it will hold up well and still fit her in the fall. Added bonus, we both have sweaters with matching yarn. Auntie Dana is clearly the best.
Cupid on Maddie
And Maddie clearly likes her new sweater. I do not understand how my girlfriend made such a cute little girl, but I’m super happy I get to make her fun things. The sleeves are slightly shorter with the rolled him but it fits her well and hopefully will be a nice addition and transitional piece for this weird winter into spring.

11 Replies to “FO: Cupid Cardigan for a Cutie”

  1. And it doesn’t hurt your FO that the wearer is truly the cutest baby ever (besides my own of course)! 😉

  2. The cutest baby evah!!! And a beautiful sweater to boot!

  3. My heavens! What a precious child!! I agree with everyone else–perfect sweater for a perfect little girl! 🙂

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