FO: Green Garter Raglan

All I wanted for Christmas was to finish my Green Garter Raglan Sweater and I did!
I hoped I would have time to take better photos in this sweater (I actually wore it to work yesterday…and the week before…and I’ve worn it on the weekends…yeah this and Mountain High are in heavy rotation) but before work and after work I don’t have any decent daylight! And I’m more of a natural light photographer, so a selfie and some snaps from my cell phone is all I can give you.
So here’s the original image for the Terra Garter Raglan, and notice how low the back is on the model. Mine doesn’t sit that low and I followed the pattern at the neckline. The only real modifications I made were to shorten the straight rows between increases and decreases from 10 to 6 and shortened the sleeves (my usual) since I’m short and sweaters are hot. And I did a garter stitch border at the bottom and on the sleeves since I didn’t want a rolled hem. I also didn’t want it to be a tunic length on me so I stopped at 14 inches total for body length. But I stuck to the structure of the pattern and it’s just lovely.
Green garter raglan
I think what I liked about this pattern was the garter stitch details that mimick the garter detail on Mountain High but this sweater has a more fitted body. I paired it yesterday with a royal blue pencil skirt for work and I just loved the look. This will definitely be in heavy rotation. I should warn you, that if you’re busty – this is not the knit for you. I am not busty but the garter band around the top makes me feel quite buxom. So if you don’t want your chest emphasized, don’t knit this pattern – you’ve been warned.
Green Garter Raglan
I also really liked Knit Picks Mighty Stitch yarn, I’ve been trying out different acrylic blends because I’ll be honest – I like popping my sweater in the washer and dryer. It’s just easier to maintain. Plus I tend to make a lot of baby clothes and I like to test out the wear and tear of an acrylic. This yarn did have some flaws with the random half knots I’d find but I find that in most Knit Picks yarns and have learned to deal with it. But the feel is super soft and this shade of green (a true Kelly green) is so vivid in person. I plan on using the rest of the yarn to do a colorblocked sweater next and with long sleeves this time. LOL

I’ve actually got a couple more finished objects in my queue to share next week and I’m hoping to finish another sweater this weekend. Monday is the first day of classes so in between finishing my last sleeve I’ve got to tighten up my syllabus and get ready for the first day of class. Have a great weekend everybody!

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10 Replies to “FO: Green Garter Raglan”

  1. Great info about the acrylic blends. Please continue to share! Beautiful knitting as always.

  2. Lovely colour choice! What I love, is how the change of texture works like a colour-block. Very figure flattering.

  3. I like your modified version much better than the original. The fit is nicer and the sleeves look really good! Lovely work, as always!

    1. Thank you! My next piece is going to be more on the loser tunic side but with more swing to it. I really like that this one is a bit more fitted.

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