FO: Lila Top Down (aka the Best Sweatshirt)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I make and having a handmade wardrobe. I made a small goal that eventually I will have a wardrobe filled with sweaters … Continue reading FO: Lila Top Down (aka the Best Sweatshirt)

FO: Green Garter Raglan

All I wanted for Christmas was to finish my Green Garter Raglan Sweater and I did! I hoped I would have time to take better photos in this sweater (I … Continue reading FO: Green Garter Raglan

FO: Earl Grey Latte

One of my favorite warm beverages is a London Fog, or Earl Grey Latte. So when I saw the pattern Caramel Latte and decided it would meet my sister’s requirements … Continue reading FO: Earl Grey Latte