Stitching Status: Lots of Pieces

Happy Friday! I’m currently working on a couple of things right now that are taking up a lot of my time and brain power. I realize that once August hits, I typically spend a lot of time preparing for school to start: emailing possible speakers, reworking my syllabus, updating PowerPoints and even rereading my text book. And since that’s mainly my weekend and evening work I have to get in as much fun as I can before that all starts. So we’re thinking of popping up to Chicago to visit my cousin. And if I go to Chicago that means I have to bring her something I knit, I feel like it’s an unspoken rule.
I decided on the Lucia Hoodie from the Madder Anthology 2: Simple Pleasures. This will be the 7th time I’ve made a project from this book. SEVEN. I really do love this book of patterns. So far I’ve made Lila Top Down (and I photographed it while I was in Chicago), Lila Winter (for Safia), Lillian (once for Safia and once for myself), Liv and Louise Top Down. Now of course I don’t just stick with a simple solid color palette like in the pictures. I’m going bold and fun.
You work this pattern from the bottom up and create pockets. So for the bottom garter I’m using a hot pink, the pockets and a little garter ridge I’m inserting are in teal and then the main body of the sweater is in Safia’s favorite shade of purple. All of these are with the Lion Brand Heartland yarn that works up into a nice soft garment (I used the teal for my Lila Top Down and the tweed version for my Mountain High ) and it will be easy for her to care for and not have to worry about air drying. Plus since it’s always kind of chilly in Chicago she can wear this piece all year round and I think she’ll appreciate that I’m making her a hoodie to hold up again that wind. I love the cute little pockets and I’m about 10 inches into the 14 1/2 inches for the body already. I’ll be taking a break from the body to work on the sleeves this weekend and I intend on doing them two at a time on a long needle so they’re both the same. In addition to seeing Safia, I have a long time internet friend whose daughter I’m making a doll for to give to her in person.
I ordered the almond colorway of the Knit Picks Bravo Sport that I used for Maddie’s doll to match her skin tone and I’m adding in black hair and cutting it into a cute bob cut like her daughter. I just love making something that can resemble a little girl. Working on these small projects is so fun but adding in the hair is the most tedious task out of the entire project. You have to do lots of strands and you want to make sure it’s secure so it holds up to washes but it’s totally worth all the work. I’ve got super colorful yarn with peach, purple and turquoise to make a dress and tie in all the colors on the body. I love creating stuff like this.
podcast graphic
And finally I’m working on a Yards of Happiness podcast. Thanks for the feedback in comments and via Instagram! I’m going to play around with the equipment I have and see if I can pull together a video podcast because if we’re talking about knitting and yarn I think you want to actually SEE what I’m talking about. Plus it may give me a chance to show what I’m working on while I’m in progress. I don’t know where all I will make it available or how often I’ll do it but I’m going to give it a shot and see how it goes because, why not?

So that’s everything that’s got me busy, what are you working on?


FO: Lila Top Down (aka the Best Sweatshirt)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I make and having a handmade wardrobe. I made a small goal that eventually I will have a wardrobe filled with sweaters I’ve made instead of bought and I kind of love that idea the more I knit. I wore only handknits in Chicago and I was filled with such pride and getting dressed was fun! I’ve even been wanting to dust off my sewing machine and maybe make a skirt or an a line dress for summer (I’m a much better knitter than a sewer though so I only sew basics). So as I’ve been thinking about what I love to wear (cardigans) and things I need in my closet, I decided that my next sweater I was going to knit was going to have to be in the sweatshirt family.
Lila top down
This is my Lila Top Down sweater better known as the greatest sweatshirt I’ve ever made. I knew when I made my Mountain High sweater that I wanted to use the Lion Brand Heartland yarn again. It is an acrylic but it’s light, super soft and washes and dries beautifully. I picked up this gorgeous heathered teal on a black Friday sale and decided that the Lila Top Down was the perfect piece to make with this. A little longer in the back if I want to wear with leggings and not too fitted making it easy to throw on over a tank or tshirt on the weekend.
Lila top down
Despite having done set-in sleeved sweaters now, I still love a good top down sweater. I can try it on as I go to determine the length and fit. To me it’s just an easy sweater to construct. This pattern called for Sunday short rows and I didn’t even care to try to learn a new technique so I just did my beloved German short rows and called it a day.
Lila top down
I was also filled with pride when out over the weekend with girlfriends I hadn’t seen in forever, one asked me the last thing I knit. I told her it was this sweater that I was wearing and they all grabbed the sweater and couldn’t believe I had made it. So when you wear a handmade that doesn’t look handmade, I consider that winning! I’m also looking at all my easy patterns that I can just make short sleeved and knit with cotton blend yarns for summer. You may see this or another Mountain High for spring! So what’s your favorite sweater style? And do you have any knitting goals like I do?

Stitching Status: Lila Top Down

It’s Friday and next week is spring break and I’m actually taking a vacation from my full time job too! I need a nice break – so I don’t know if I’ll be posting next week or not but we shall see. As always, you can follow me on Instagram to see what I’m up to. In the meantime, let’s talk about what I’m currently working on…
I mentioned on Wednesday I was working on my last heavy sweater for a bit. I’ve actually got Lila more complete than the picture below. I finished the arms and then washed and dried it but I still have to pick up stitches for the neckline (which I will probably do on my flight to Chicago) and she will be ready to wear! I used the Lion Brand Heartland yarn (the colorway is Cuyahoga Valley – described as a heathered teal and turquoise green) since I loved it so much with my Mountain High Sweater. It is super soft and I love that I can throw it in the washer and dryer and not worry about it. My only issue is that you can see my short rows a bit on the side but not enough that I won’t wear it.
Top down Lila
It’s exactly what I was looking for in a pullover. Super soft and cozy, arms on my version are a little loose than pictured and I can just throw it on in the morning when I walk Cher. It is essentially my knit sweatshirt. Sometimes the 55-65 degree range is a bit chilly, especially when it’s overcast so I love a good sweatershirt to throw when I’m walking Cher at 7am on a Saturday before I’ve had a sip of coffee or tea. Plus I think it’s long enough to cover my butt if I throw on leggings and sneakers. I’ve also got just a little bit of super bulky knitting left tonight before I see my crafty girlfriend this weekend. I hope to get pics of her in what I made her over the weekend and share here next week. It’s such a fun quick project and it looks super cool!

So what have you been making lately? Share! And have a wonderful knitting filled weekend!