FO: Team Brights Bandana Cowl

The folks over at the Fibre Company put a call out a few weeks ago for yarn ambassadors and I was chosen! What does that mean? On occasion they’ll send me some yummy yarn to try and share my thoughts here. They’re launching new colors in their yarns and they sent me over skeins of their Tundra yarn in two new colors, Sockeye Salmon (left) and Krill (right).
Tundra bandana cowlThis yarn is insanely yummy. Tundra is made up of baby alpaca, merino wool and silk and is so squishy. So what was a girl to make? I had two skeins of each color and decided I wanted a new cowl for fall and pulled out a trusty pattern, Purl Soho’s Bandana Cowl.
Tundra bandana cowl
I decided to use the speckled color Krill for the main body and the edging in the Sockeye Salmon color (since I wear makeup I try to stay away from lighter colors directly on my face so I don’t transfer that on the yarn). My coats always tend to be neutral and this will go beautifully with my new olive colored fall coat. I’m just waiting for colder weather! I whipped this up in just a few short hours on a Saturday afternoon over the long weekend.
Tundra bandana cowl
So the folks at Fibre Co. are going to be showcasing their new colors on social media with the hashtags #TFCNeutrals and #TFCBrights. Clearly I’m on Team Brights so look for more from them on giveaways and info on the new colors.

So have any of you knit with Tundra? They’ve totally made me a fan!


FO: Leah’s Linen Dress

I am a sucker for a cute baby. I really am. So I’m super happy to have finished, shipped and seen the fruits of my labor on baby Leah. The Clean + Simple dress is finished!
Leah's linen dress
The Clean + Simple dress wasn’t the easiest of projects but the final results are just adorable. Despite hating to work with small yarn (this was sport weight linen using size 5 needles), I do love the end result. And now that I’ve made one, I can see myself making another one. BUT I didn’t swatch for this and got lucky that it does in fact fit. I just didn’t have it in me to swatch this linen but if I make it again with another yarn I will.
Leah's linen dress
The pattern says that the buttons go on the back of the dress, but everyone I showed it to, including’s Leah’s Mom, think the buttons should go on the front of the dress. But it doesn’t really matter, they can put it on the baby anyway they want!
Leah's linen dress
I’m happy to say that this one fits and is absolutely adorable on baby Leah, her Mom sent me video evidence of her happy and smiley girl wearing it. My day was made. Now to finish off the Agnes sweater this weekend for my BFF Jess’s birthday present in between snuggling the dogs. Have a great weekend everyone!

UPDATED: I wanted to get Mom’s permission but in order to see fit, here’s a quick pic of Leah in her dress.
Leah's dress

Stitching Status: Complex Little Things

Happy Friday! Oh I love the weekends. This weekend we’re thinking of taking Cher with us to a dog friendly winery and brewery in Virginia. Anytime I can get Cher out and about for the day and tucker her out means she will have an awesome weekend. But what I’m hoping to also do on the drive down to the winery is finish off this little blue dress.
I titled this post, complex little things because the Purl Soho Clean + Simple Dress pattern is soooo not simple. At least to me it isn’t. In my last Yarnbox delivery (I’m pausing until I whittle my stash down a bit) I got something out of my norm, sport weight linen yarn. I didn’t want to make a shawl with it and around that same time Purl Soho released this free pattern for a baby dress. Sport weight yarn + sport weight pattern + pattern with the word simple in the title = an easy option, right? I started this dress three times before I got it right and I still have a mistake line in the shoulder that drives me insane. In addition, the Louet Euroflax Linen yarn is killing my hands like Hempathy did on my first sweater. I read enough reviews to know that once I wash and dry this piece (which also made it a perfect yarn for a baby item) it will soften up considerably. Also please note in the pic below I had 3 different needles running through this bad boy. This one definitely had some interesting construction to it and I learned how to do a cable cast-on!
Leah's little dress
I know I’m complaining a lot about this one BUT I am down to the last inch on the body as of this morning!! And honestly, this piece is so adorable I cannot wait to wash it, put buttons on it and mail it off to Rachel. Her baby girl is still pretty tiny so I’m hoping she’ll get to wear it a few times before it gets chilly and perhaps I’ll have to send her a tiny cardigan to wear over it when it does get chillier in NYC.

Tea with Jam and Bread by Heidi Kirrmaier - image via Ravelry
Tea with Jam and Bread by Heidi Kirrmaier – image via Ravelry

Also, with all the sweater knitalongs going on, a lot of my favorite pattern designers are having sales. If you don’t, start following your favorites on Instagram! I have been going through my stash, figuring out what I want to make (the list is long but a lot of what I’ll be doing over the next 2 months are for all the little kids in my life) and I’ve picked up a few new patterns along the way. One that I think will be great for using up leftover skeins is Tea with Jam and Bread, it’s by the same designer who made my Mountain High sweater that I love and it’s $2 off and I learned about that sale via Instagram along with a few other good sales. I’m excited to do some fun colorblocking on this one and it comes in sizes kids 4 to XXL and is unisex! So my husband might be getting one too to wear on the weekends.

So are you getting ready for fall knitting? Anybody joining any of the knitalongs? Which ones?