FO: Leah’s Linen Dress

I am a sucker for a cute baby. I really am. So I’m super happy to have finished, shipped and seen the fruits of my labor on baby Leah. The Clean + Simple dress is finished!
Leah's linen dress
The Clean + Simple dress wasn’t the easiest of projects but the final results are just adorable. Despite hating to work with small yarn (this was sport weight linen using size 5 needles), I do love the end result. And now that I’ve made one, I can see myself making another one. BUT I didn’t swatch for this and got lucky that it does in fact fit. I just didn’t have it in me to swatch this linen but if I make it again with another yarn I will.
Leah's linen dress
The pattern says that the buttons go on the back of the dress, but everyone I showed it to, including’s Leah’s Mom, think the buttons should go on the front of the dress. But it doesn’t really matter, they can put it on the baby anyway they want!
Leah's linen dress
I’m happy to say that this one fits and is absolutely adorable on baby Leah, her Mom sent me video evidence of her happy and smiley girl wearing it. My day was made. Now to finish off the Agnes sweater this weekend for my BFF Jess’s birthday present in between snuggling the dogs. Have a great weekend everyone!

UPDATED: I wanted to get Mom’s permission but in order to see fit, here’s a quick pic of Leah in her dress.
Leah's dress

11 Replies to “FO: Leah’s Linen Dress”

  1. This is super cute! You always find the PERFECT buttons!!

    1. I am obsessed with buttons. I have a stash of mustache buttons I’m dying to pull out for a little boy cardigan!

  2. Annyeong haseyo. I saw you had commented on This Knitted Life and me being nosy clicked over to check you out. I love your energy. What a lovely friend you are to knit gifts for them. This baby dress is cute; wonderful job. The buttons are such a fun accent.

  3. That is truly beautiful! Fits to perfection, and those buttons definitely need to be seen on the front of the garment. It’s amazing how nicely the linen drapes in this case. I’ve often found that fiber to be kind of stiff. Great to see how well it worked for you.

    1. The linen was hard on my hands but softened when I washed and dried it. I’d definitely wash it more to keep softening it up.

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