Maryland Sheep & Wool 2018 Haul

Okay, okay! I’ve pulled together my Sheep and Wool haul. Whenever my husband is traveling I feel like I lose about a third of my time. And on work, graduation last week and life in general…blogging got left behind.

Watch it in motion!

My biggest splurge was a new yarn swift! Last year I saw the Yarn Tech yarn swift and thought it was a beautiful tool. I thought about it for a year as my little tabletop swift started to wobble. I knit almost every day and wind my own yarn so having a swift that’s well made and beautiful is a great purchase in my book. I’ve been asked why I prefer a tabletop swift over an umbrella swift and really, it’s just because of space and how it looks. Umbrella swifts are pretty huge and just seem to take up a ton of space. I have a small little office set-up with a slim table and this style slides together to be the width of about 3 rulers. It doesn’t have to be in the way.
The main base of the swift is one of three parts. It attaches to the bottom of the swift and then you expand the arms to accommodate the size of the skein you’re winding.
It’s easy to sit in ton top and then there’s a yarn ball holder that’s the third piece. So once you wind the yarn you can transfer it to the holder spindle.
And then you can just pop that onto the base. Easy as pie. And don’t think I left Sheep and Wool without buying some yarn.
Sheep and Wool haul
Here’s what I bought:


  • Top left: O Wool Balance. It’s a wool and cotton blend which I think will be a perfect weight for a cardigan I can wear early fall into late spring. I bought a sweater’s quantity and am already plotting out what I’ll make with it.
  • Top middle: A bundle of Jill Draper Makes Stuff Windham worsted yarn. I have wanted to try her yarn and I thought this would be a great way to test it out and use on a colorwork project.
  • Top left: Tempting Ewe Yarns in Sparkly DK. This lovely sparkly olive caught my eye.
  • Bottom left: Tempting Ewe So Chubby. This fun gradient also caught my eye as I was checking out and it was exactly what I’ve been looking for to make a hat!
  • Bottom middle: Dancing Leaf Farm Charleston worsted in Targaryen. It was the first skein of yarn I saw as I walked in and the color caught my eye. Plus it was another yarn I haven’t tried before. I scooped it up.
  • Bottom left: Knitty and Color Dubstep DK in Supernova. I love wild graffiti looking color yarn and I knew I wanted to pick something up from them. I’ve got some ideas of what this will become.

Sheep and Wool haul
And last but not least, I bought 4 skeins of Miss Babs Yowza – my favorite. On the left is Nori, a gorgeous deep olive green. On the right, Adobe, a gorgeous light clay color. I may pair them together or they may become something separate, only time will tell. I went slightly over my budget but I also know I have all the yarn I need for a really long time.


Too Tired to Knit

I’ve had one of those weekends that has left me in need of a massage and a really long nap. LOL I’ve been on my feet pretty much all day since Friday and I’m mentally and physically exhausted, but man it was a good weekend. I hosted a group of graduating seniors at my home for a taco party on Saturday afternoon and then went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival on Sunday with friends. I have photos I need to upload, a video I want to take and things to share but right now I’m just too tired. I didn’t even knit this weekend! But I figured I could at least give you a little sneak peek…
New swift
I did buy the yarn swift I talked about last week. It’s beautiful but I’ve been too exhausted to take it up stairs, set it up and take a video of it in action. I also picked up some yarn and I made a point to get brands I haven’t worked with before but I also had to pick up my favorite Miss Babs. There was a color I loved online and had to see in person and it was even better than I thought it would be (and it was so good when my BFF Jess saw it she bought it too – she doesn’t knit).
So this will be my view tonight and probably tomorrow when I get home, Jellybean looking at me over a mound of blankets on the couch. I need some rest!

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival 2017

Maryland sheep and wool 2017 haul
This is my third year in a row heading to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and I got what I wanted and didn’t go too far over my budget. I’m a happy camper. So what did I add to my stash?
Maryland sheep and wool 2017 haul
My BFF Jess and I went on Sunday and got to the fairgrounds around 9:30am. Our first stop was the Miss Babs booth because last year it was INSANITY to say the least. By 9:45am it was crowded but not insane and I didn’t have to wait in a long line to pay. I picked up these four skeins of Yowza in Spread My Wings, Denim and Rainforest. I really wanted a nice Babs navy blue and this was the last skein of the Denim color so I scooped it up. These three do work well together but don’t bet on them staying together.
Maryland sheep and wool 2017 haul
I also tossed in a dk weight skein of the Miss Babs 2017 Maryland Sheep and Wool colorway as well. It was too pretty to resist and will pair well with lots of other yarn in my stash.
Maryland sheep and wool 2017 haul<Pairings
I was on the lookout for a great skein of fingering weight yarn to pair with my Neighborhood Fiber Company Fells Point yarn for a So Faded sweater. I hit the jackpot with Yankee Dyer Yarns and their Crazy Monkey Love colorway. Also the ladies in their booth were so sweet and funny and loved color as much as I did.
Maryland sheep and wool 2017 haul
I snapped up a single skein of Studio Worsted (my favorite) from Neighborhood Fiber Co from their Artist collection. This is Basquiat, an orange/rust/peach color that I have an idea for and am hoping it will work out the way I have it planned in my head. After that I was really just looking for some buttons and then…
Maryland sheep and wool 2017 haul
Knittyandcolor’s Unicorns vs Sharpies caught my eye and I couldn’t walk away. I kept going back to it. And Jessica looked and me and said, “I think that yarn is calling your name.” It was. I kind of want to make a sweater for Jellybean with a matching hat for myself with this color. We shall see what this becomes but no pictures do it just for how vivid and wild it is. I really do love yarn.
Maryland sheep and wool 2017 haul
And finally I made it to the buttons. The top buttons are from the vintage buttons tent. I have a green cardigan I have wanted to make for a while and these green and white buttons will be PERFECTION on it. And clear buttons are always a good staple. The bottom buttons are from one of my favorites, Melissa Jean buttons that I’ve bought buttons from every year. They’re little works of art in a ceramic button and I think they always make a sweater complete.
Sheep & Wool selfie with @jesswonderland and @katfauss #mdsw2017 #marylandsheepandwool
Added bonus, I got to hang out with Jess and we saw our friend Kat of Designs by Marsh Farms and got to talk all things crafty goodness. She likes to call us the Crafty Cartel. LOL Oh and I should note I’m wearing my Mountain High sweater, my Find Your Fade Shawl (I got tons of compliments on it) and the Pointilist Hat and Jessica had on the Boothbay sweater I knit that looked better on her than me. It was super cold yesterday but that’s where knitting comes in handy. Did anyone else go? What did you buy?!