Monday & Mason Dixon Knitting

Mason Dixon Knitting Feature
Well, Mason Dixon Knitting asked me a few questions about my blog and knitting after seeing my pic on the Pom Pom Magazine Instagram feed the other week. That interview is up and featured on their site today! What a fun way to start my week as a knitter they love.

And in knitting news, I finished the Askews Me Shawl I’m gifting to a friend last night (i-cord bind-offs are lovely but take so long when you have 300+ stitches). It is currently drying and I’ll weave in the two ends I’ve got and photograph it to share this week before it goes to its new home. I can’t wait to gift this one, it’s so squishy and pretty!

My Monday is off to a great start, I hope your Monday is fabulous.


Stitching Status: An Introduction

I wasn’t going to post today since it has been a short and wild week BUT I’ve been featured in a couple of different places and have had a lot of new folks coming over to the blog so I wanted to say, HELLO!
Durumi tees
Yesterday the Durumi tees I knit for myself and Jellybean were shared on the Pom Pom Magazine Instagram AND on Kay Gardiner of Mason Dixon Knitting’s Instagram with a hope to ‘break the internet’ LOL. I was definitely flattered by the love and excitement over those pieces and my adorable Jellybean. But then to top off a crazy day, my Tecumseh top was featured on the Ravelry homepage.
Needless to say I’ve gotten a lot of messages on Ravelry and Instagram and a ton of traffic coming here, so I just wanted to say hello and thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet. And in the meantime, I will be working on my Askews Me Shawl this weekend!
Askews Me Shawl in progress
Knitting tip, don’t start brioche when you’re sleepy. You won’t read the instructions well. I started this over at lunch yesterday and realized the mistake I was making the night before and now it’s smooth sailing! So cheers to having a happy knitting filled weekend. You guys rock!