For the Love of Knitting

In the last week, just 7 days, I’ve gained over 2,000 new followers on Instagram. My blog views have quadrupled. The amounts of messages on Ravelry, blog comments and social media messages and comments is kind of insane. And to be completely honest, it’s overwhelming.

Doing what we do best, matching.

I know it won’t stop, another popular pattern designer posted about me this morning and I was interviewed by Ravelry so that will appear today as well. I teach my students and consult with others/businesses about social media, how to build followings, get engagement – it’s what I teach people how to do but that isn’t what Yards of Happiness is about.

I write this blog to share something I really love, knitting. I’ve met so many great people via this blog and social media who share my joy and it has been so fulfilling and I know my life is better because of this space. But it’s just me managing all of this in addition to living my life (and knitting), so if I don’t answer every comment or email or message, know that I read them but get overwhelmed by the volume right now. Know that I hear you, I see you and I appreciate you. And hopefully I can get back to sharing my knitting next week, I’ve got lots of fun finished objects to share!

31 Replies to “For the Love of Knitting”

  1. Well deserved attention is simply the best kind! Congratulations to you! XO

  2. Hi Dana, I am just so happy to have found your blog. Your knits, colors, and joy are all so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this corner of your life, it’s a true gift.

  3. I did find your blog, instagram and now ravelry account because of Andrea Mowry’s IG post this morning. And just let me say I am so very glad! I love your projects. I follow so many on IG because of the same reason – I just love knitting. But I am realizing after seeing your beautiful posts that I don’t knit enough garments for me. Can’t wait to see what you make next.

  4. I love your knitting, your smile and your doggies. As a cat person, I would never waste my time knitting them sweaters but I certainly would if they would wear them!! Having said that I just found Cats in Hats by Sara Thomas and will be making a matching cat hat for my next sweater. See what you started!! LOL Knit on!

  5. Hi Dana. Congratulations! Your blog is always so joyous; I am glad that you are gaining new followers. Don’t stress about it and keep the knitting as your happy place.

  6. I’m so happy for you!!! You are a great knitting ambassador and are so inspiring to this slow knitter ❤️

  7. Wow Dana, good for you!! Feel the love and pls keep doing what you do; sparking joy and Yards of Happiness for all who follow you😚 (I know that I don’t expect an answer or comment when I post so no worries:))

  8. It’s your joyful spirit! And your cute dogs! And the sweaters you make for them! Wishing you lived next door, Dana!

  9. Yards of Happiness must not become Miles of Grief! Please look after yourself, Dana. I know of at least one very successful blog that shut down the comments side of things and now takes comments only on Instagram. Not saying what you should do, but just encouraging you to consider what works best for your health and sanity. Sending love and supportive thoughts!

  10. Love your blog – your smile and the colour you bring to knitting lifts me. Keep it coming!!

  11. I think your blog will become even more popular with knitters who share your passion for knitting and with non-knitters looking for a positive voice on the internet. Congratulations, Dana – as a knitter, I’m happy to enjoy both by following your blog.

  12. Because of your love of color who’d known there was an awesome Tosh color called “A Clue Board From 1984”??

  13. I never expect a blogger to answer or comment on my comments. That takes precious time and I’d rather s/he spend the time doing the things that bring me to their blog!
    MDK…Ravelry…High profile week for you (and Cher and Jellybean!)…many congrats!!!

  14. So happy to have found you!
    I’ve been a member of Ravelry since 2008. If I didn’t have both knitting and sewing in my life I wouldn’t be able to function!
    Saw the Junegrass Pullover by Carrie Bostick Hoge in your Rav que. Whenever you decide to cast on I’d love to join you for a little knit along.
    BTW: LOVE your two little pups. I’ve been a life long rescuer of dogs. Currently we have a 6mo. Scottish Terrier pup.
    Follow me in IG @little_robin_cottage or on Rav ~ lacyknitsdaily
    Hugs ~ Lacy

  15. Echoing ALL of the positive comments here to you, Dana. Your sweater knit in “A Clue Board From 1984” is an inspiration for me to use that pattern shape with some nice black tweed yarn I have. Or some of the handpainted DK I have from Expression Fiber Arts. And YUM, that yellow/red sweater jacket on your blog header/banner! Beautiful! I’m so glad Ravelry highlighted your story.

  16. I love your joy-filled work and am so glad to see you featured on Ravelry. Knit unapologetically, and don’t worry about keeping up with comments — crafters will understand!

  17. Replies are not required so don’t worry about making them. Just keep knitting and posting!

  18. I was so excited to see you featured, after having read your blog the past few months. Thank you for always making me smile and giving me the courage to try color work! It’s so nice to have a happy, cozy place on the internet to escape all of the stress in the real world! Xo

  19. Your doggie sweaters are just so stinkin’ cute! I don’t have a dog righ5 now, bu5 when I do again I will be following your instructions. And your Guthrie is amazing,

  20. I discovered you through Ravelry’s interview with you. Congratulations!

  21. Dana, rock on with your bad self. You keep doing what you’re doing. Glad to see the recognition you deserve coming to you. Stay warm!

  22. You said in your Ravelry interview that you’re a good cook. I’d be happy to hear more about that on your blog. Do you bake treats for Jellybean and Cher?

  23. Knit tip–We have some socks that are being passed on but are too short for recipient. And I made some socks too small/narrow for me, but too long for the woman I gave them too. I realized that if I unravel one row, I can knit in a short section and then use Kichener Stitch to re-add on the toe. Or, to shorten, frog the half inch that is baggy and then Kichener Stitch those toes back on. I think this will save time over frogging back to reknit the entire toes on all these socks. Also one pair was knit toe-up and I’ve found that unknitting from the wrong direction does not go as well as I think it ought to!

    Also–when you reknit the mohair combo–have you seen how you can take a finer circular needle, maybe the smallest one you own that is the right length, and pick up all the ribbing stitches BEFORE you frog? I just spotted that idea on Pinterest last year. Lifesaver! (And not only is mohair the worst to frog, it is also much warmer than anticipated. I made a lovely mohair sweater that even had holes like lace and I could not wear it–it was too warm. ‘Course I was a lot younger, and now it might be just right if I still owned it.)

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