September 2018 Finished Objects

Somehow September lasted about 2 hours this year. January through August dragged by but September got away from me. But I was able to finish TWO projects this month.

What was I able to finish this month?

  • Rumo Sweater, Test Knit: I’ve been holding off on sharing my latest test knit because I was waiting for the pattern release but it has been delayed! So here’s a sneak peek of my Rumo sweater and if it doesn’t get published this week I’ll share the details next week. It’s a really awesome closet staple kind of sweater with interesting details.
  • My Rainbow Askews Me Shawl: I’ve been excited about the cooler temps coming just because I want to wear my latest rainbow.  But of course we will be in the eighties this week. It’s fine, I won’t rush the cold in.

So that’s what I was able to finish in September, what about you?

14 Replies to “September 2018 Finished Objects”

  1. I luv the Rumo sweater, saw it on ur Ravelry page last night. Beautiful Askews me scarf!! Wear it indoors if it’s too hot out 🙂

  2. Totally awesome!!! And of course, I’ve always admired ANYTHING you’ve made in that Black Currant (why haven’t I ordered my own stash yet????) as that is DEF MY color!!! 🙂 Your rainbow is BRILLIANT!!! It turned out VERY well!

  3. Wow! Love the sweater…. And the scarf too, but I’m really excited to see a “sideways” sweater that looks like it’s got some structure that would keep it from stretching out. I’ll be following up on this one, for sure! (I’m astounded you were able to do this much in your first term of doctoral studies. Take care of yourself, okay? As a former registrar, I’ve worked with a lot of doctoral students. Even when you’re working in the field you love, it’s an intense time. Please know that your knitting friends will be here cheering even if your monthly project count decreases.)

    1. Oh I haven’t started the doctorate yet, just teaching gbux semester and getting that under my belt. Next fall I’ll be teaching AND in school and will probably be insanely slow with my knitting progress.

      1. Whew! I’m relieved 😌 Thought you were Superwoman for sure!

  4. Oh please oh please oh please I want that rumo sweater!

    1. It’s such a good sweater and such an interesting knit and I want her to release the pattern!

  5. Love the projects! The colors in the shawl are so vibrant and fun together.
    I finished a sweater for my 6-y-o and 2 hats that will be Christmas gifts. I gotta do better in October, or I’ll be behind come December!! 😆
    Happy knitting 🙂

  6. I love both of these!! And your hair so darn cute!!!!

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