FO: My Last Togue Pond of the Summer (promise)

Oops, I did it again. I made a THIRD Togue Pond Tank!!!
Togue Pond #3
I told you before, I was first introduced to this pattern via Fringe Association a year ago, put it in my queue and thought to myself I am just learning sweater construction so I will wait until I’m more confident to try this one. Then after loving the feel of Berroco Modern Cotton I wanted to make myself more summer knits, so I knit my first Togue Pond Tank at the end of June. I loved it and thought the construction was pretty straight forward but I wanted it to be about 2 inches longer in the front (this was my first bottom up knit). Then my BFF Jess kept dropping hints that she wanted one, so I whipped one up for her next. So I still had enough yarn leftover and wanted to make myself another Togue Pond Tank that was long enough in the front that I didn’t need a tank top to wear underneath. And here she is, in all her glory!
Togue Pond #3
I took these in a quick rush as I was heading to work, so excuse me for not smoothing out the back. I decided to do 3 colors for this one (I’m so wild). I love knits that are edged in black, it makes the colors really pop so I got a skein of Modern Cotton in black to compliment the light grey and dark teal/green I had leftover in my stash. I cannot stress to you enough how much I absolutely love Berroco Modern Cotton. It feels great and the drape on my knits with this is perfect. I am so happy my local yarn store, Fibre Space, started carrying it this spring. I also decided to try using the Double Knot Method for joining a second ball of yarn. I hate sewing in ends and I am not the best at cleanly sewing in yarn. It held up and the joins were also pretty seamless. This is what I love about knitting, with each project I learn something new.
I promise, this is my last Togue Pond Tank this year but I can’t promise you I won’t make more next summer. I’m so glad I added this pattern to my stash! Up next, finishing off the Estelle Cardigan for my aunt and working with another cotton yarn to create a transitional sweater for fall. What’s on your needles right now?


Weekend Happiness

Did you have a good weekend? Although mine was pretty low key and spent with family, it was great. I did pick up a couple of things that made it a happy weekend.
Togue Pond #3
I have always been a shutterbug. I always remember my Dad with a camera and letting me press the shutter when we took family photos (after I pouted for a bit). And when I was in middle school my parents gave me my first camera, a Polaroid! My mother kept me stocked with film too and she always upgraded my cameras over the years. She picked out the first  Canon Elph Mini film camera (always had it in my pocket) and for Christmas one year they bought me my first digital camera! As I’ve gotten older and upgraded my cameras I’ve always still wished I had a little Polaroid instant camera again, so this week in Target I gave in and picked up the Fuji Instax Mini 8 and a couple packs of film. Of course my dog has been my main model but this morning I snapped a teaser pic of my latest Togue Pond Tank that I finished over the weekend and will blog about on Wednesday. I know I didn’t need this camera, this was simply a I want this for nostalgia purchase and I’m happy I picked it up. They have some other fun versions (a retro camera and even a Hello Kitty version) but I went with a basic version in white because I just love the instant camera experience and I know this won’t ever be my main camera.
Sweet Georgia rainbow
I also bought a rainbow this weekend! Fibre Space in Alexandria, VA is my FAVORITE local yarn store and this weekend was their anniversary sale. I saved a $50 rebate gift card to buy yarn from their store for my birthday but decided to go for their sale when I could get a discount too. I picked the 20% off needle and decided now was the time to get the yarn to make myself a rainbow raglan sweater. I bought a ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) color palette in SweetGeorgia superwash worsted weight. I’ve never used this yarn before and with the price it was a splurge (hence the need for the discount and gift card) but it’s super soft and squishy and the colors were just wonderfully vibrant. I plan to use the Ladies Classic Raglan pattern by Jane Richmond (have I mentioned how much I love Jane Richmond patterns and her blog too) to make a rainbow bright sweater. I figured if my color palette is bold, the sweater should be simple. I’m slightly worried about making sure I get the stripes done properly but I know I’ll still love this sweater anyway.
And on top of my two good purchases, I had a lovely time winding yarn with my BFF, Cher. She takes her ball winding supervising quite seriously. So what made your weekend great? Share!