FO: Birthday Brioche

I went back and forth on what to make my sister for her birthday this month. I knew that whether it was a full sweater or a vest it would be white but something just kept telling me I needed to knit her the Pommier Vest…so I did!
Birthday brioche
I think I really wanted to put my newly learned brioche skills to work. And despite having a little mistake at the very bottom in the beginning (that I left because only a knitter would notice), I think this was definitely the right project to make for Anne and I know I’m going to have to make this for my other sister and my Mom (and maybe myself too).
Birthday Brioche
You can’t tell as much as I would like in these photos but the contrast color yarn is actually pink and yellow. It’s Knerd String in the color Tang. The white yarn is the Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepard’s Wool Worsted that I bought to initially make my Happy Little sweater but decided yellow was much more my speed. I saved it know it would be perfect for a project for my sister who loves a white sweater.
Here’s a better shot of the yarn so you can see all of the wonderful flecks of color in this. When I asked my sister if she wanted pink or yellow (her two favorite colors) in her gift, her response was pillow – pink AND yellow. Alrighty then, I knew I could make that work.
Birthday Brioche
I think this could be a really good starter brioche project if you’re trying to dip your toe into brioche knitting like I was. The vest is small and is super quick to knit since the front panels are so narrow. You’re going to add 7 inches (or more) of brioche stitch to the front by picking up stitches for the button band – why is picking up stitches my favorite thing? I didn’t go overboard on the brioche band because my sister leans on the petite side and I didn’t want it to overwhelm her or appear to swallow her up. I think this was just enough and she can flip the collar down if she wants. All in all this was a super satisfying knit and you’ll totally see this one being knit again.


FO: A Happy Little Sweater

When I was a kid I was slightly obsessed with watching Bob Ross’s painting show, The Joy of Painting. I had an easel, all the acrylic paint an 8 year old could ever want, a palette and paintbrushes. His ‘happy little trees’ and technique made me believe that one day I’d be a famous painter. Clearly I’m not a painter but I find other ways to make my own art, this time with yarn and lots of color.
A Happy Little Sweater
I’m calling this sweater my Happy Little Sweater because this color palette makes me so happy and made me think of the joy I had from painting with Boss Ross as a kid. {The necklace is a hot air ballon from Virginie Millefiori}
A Happy Little Sweater
The pattern is the Liv cardigan from the Madder Anthology 2 (1 of the 5 sweaters I’ve knit from that book) and was a simple top down sweater with a bit of short row shaping at the bottom. A simple knit I started in December in between projects knowing I’d need something to take with me when I was traveling in January. The idea for this color pairing came from the yarn on the garter stitch border, Indian Corn from Lemonade Shop on Etsy. I love a lot of her yarn colors (you may remember me using her Mega Toxic Oreo colorway on my Caldwell Cape) so when I see a color that speaks to me I usually pick up 2 skeins. I originally bought 4 skeins of Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd’s Wool Worsted in white for this but I just kept saying that was too basic of a pairing and I didn’t start knitting it. So armed with my BFF Jess and another trip to Fibre Space I settled on the lemon yellow colorway instead and I’m glad I did.
A Happy Little Sweater
I love a good pink/yellow, pink/orange, pink/red combo and this bold yellow with the predominately pink yarn is a winner in my book. And since the yarn has a billion little different flecks of color in it I can throw on a million colors underneath this sweater. I will totally throw on a turquoise tee with this to pull out the blue flecks in this yarn. I absolutely love this combination and couldn’t be happier with this colorful piece I’m adding to my wardrobe.
A Happy Little Sweater
So we all know I love bold color combos, what’s your favorite color pairing?