FO: A Happy Little Sweater

When I was a kid I was slightly obsessed with watching Bob Ross’s painting show, The Joy of Painting. I had an easel, all the acrylic paint an 8 year old could ever want, a palette and paintbrushes. His ‘happy little trees’ and technique made me believe that one day I’d be a famous painter. Clearly I’m not a painter but I find other ways to make my own art, this time with yarn and lots of color.
A Happy Little Sweater
I’m calling this sweater my Happy Little Sweater because this color palette makes me so happy and made me think of the joy I had from painting with Boss Ross as a kid. {The necklace is a hot air ballon from Virginie Millefiori}
A Happy Little Sweater
The pattern is the Liv cardigan from the Madder Anthology 2 (1 of the 5 sweaters I’ve knit from that book) and was a simple top down sweater with a bit of short row shaping at the bottom. A simple knit I started in December in between projects knowing I’d need something to take with me when I was traveling in January. The idea for this color pairing came from the yarn on the garter stitch border, Indian Corn from Lemonade Shop on Etsy. I love a lot of her yarn colors (you may remember me using her Mega Toxic Oreo colorway on my Caldwell Cape) so when I see a color that speaks to me I usually pick up 2 skeins. I originally bought 4 skeins of Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd’s Wool Worsted in white for this but I just kept saying that was too basic of a pairing and I didn’t start knitting it. So armed with my BFF Jess and another trip to Fibre Space I settled on the lemon yellow colorway instead and I’m glad I did.
A Happy Little Sweater
I love a good pink/yellow, pink/orange, pink/red combo and this bold yellow with the predominately pink yarn is a winner in my book. And since the yarn has a billion little different flecks of color in it I can throw on a million colors underneath this sweater. I will totally throw on a turquoise tee with this to pull out the blue flecks in this yarn. I absolutely love this combination and couldn’t be happier with this colorful piece I’m adding to my wardrobe.
A Happy Little Sweater
So we all know I love bold color combos, what’s your favorite color pairing?


27 thoughts on “FO: A Happy Little Sweater

    • In writing this I realized how much I like to wear pink. LOL I prefer gray over black though and I just finished off a lovely gray cardigan I’ll share next week. It’s a lovely color called Dirty Panther by madelinetosh.

  1. I’m a black-and-neutrals person, with a shot of navy if I’m going to be daring! However… I love going for the pop of red, purple, turquoise, or pink in accessories. There’s nothing like a pair of bright red socks with a black or gray outfit. However… I’ve got a grandson who loves bright colors, and lately I’ve been knitting stripes of yellow, blue, and green for him and loving them. Who knows? I may join him some of these days! (Anyone who uses a color called “Mega Toxic Oreo” is great by me.)

  2. It’s beautiful, I love it and you look great in it! Plus Cher in her sweater, so sweet! I also love the necklace, and it fits the sweater perfectly.
    I’ve been having what I call an identity crisis with colours recently 😉 I always loved shades of the fall, orange, brown, gold, red… but when I went yarn shopping recently, I was drawn towards pink, washed out blue, heather, and multi coloured variegated yarns. Not sure why this change, especially that the autumn colours are much more flattering for me… but I totally gave in and I’m going to test these new shades. Oh and I love matching any pop or contrasting colour with light grey.

  3. Love these colors in this sweater! I think it looks great on you!

    I’ve never knit anything in this combination, but turquoise+ gold is beautiful to me.

  4. I admire your bold color choices – seeing what you put together so successfully makes me want to step out of my comfort zone. I love all blues, most likely because I see so many in the skies, so perhaps I will aim for something that encompasses those blues and some pinks and oranges and yellows in honor of sunrise and sunset. … now I’m really thinking I need a trip to my stash and maybe my LYS 🙂

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  10. This cardigan is gorgeous😍😍😍 probably the most beautiful cardigan that I’ve ever seen💖 and also I’m a big fan of pink and orange too😄 they just stay so gorgeous together💞💞💞

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