FO: Atari for Kenny & Knits in Action

I don’t know why but when I knit my husband something I can only ever get one photo of him in it. LOL It’s like trying to race after a puppy to get him to stand still and smile long enough for you to get a decent photograph.

Atari Sweater

Over the winter break I finished knitting him the Atari sweater (Raverly link), you may remember this one because I knit it for my sister for her birthday in 2020. I didn’t think of it as a unisex sweater until I saw a man wearing one and I thought oh this would be nice on Kenny! I dug into my stash and used up some Berroco Vintage in Rye (the top color) and Green and then for the colorwork I used just a tiny bit of De Rerum Gilliatt in Dore, which happens to match a pair of his pants perfectly. I loved this color combo for him and he has definitely shown it off on a Zoom with his coworkers.


I’ve also been super happy that my classrooms aren’t sweltering hot this semester so I can actually wear my knits to school! I’ve been snapping pics because people always say they never think of wearing their knits with anything beyond jeans. The other day I layered my Low-key vest over a mint green long sleeve and paired it with a kelly green pleated skirt (and black tights and flats). It felt bright and fresh, even though the temps have been a bit bitter lately. I’m trying to finish knitting two sweaters for friends this month and then I want to start spring knitting. I’ve got some lovely yarns that aren’t 100% wool and are for lighter temps I’m itching to get on my needles.

Kiwi watching tv

Right now I’m in this weird place of feeling like I’m doing a lot but not doing anything at my best. It’s such a weird space to be in. I think part of it is the pandemic is wearing on me. Everyone keeps saying let’s get back to normal but honestly, I think we need to figure out a new normal. Teaching in person puts me at risk of getting Covid everyday and I’m way beyond my booster’s efficacy at this point so I also feel like I’m in a weird limbo. I don’t want to get sick, it could push back my own recovery from my PE’s significantly, but I also feel like its inevitable at this point and that fear is exhausting. So I’m just taking it one day at a time, trying to do my best, and snuggling my puppy.

18 Replies to “FO: Atari for Kenny & Knits in Action”

  1. Snuggling a puppy makes everything better. ❤️

  2. Dana, you appear to be back to knitting at your former glorious pace, and your projects are gorgeous! I absolutely understand your sense of unease regarding the pandemic, and I agree that we must figure out a new normal. Many people where I live refuse to take the vaccine or any precautions, and that just adds to my unease. It really is a case of taking one day at a time. Keep hope—and love—alive, dear one.

  3. Great pieces! It’s amazing how we could be doing similar projects (vest with speckled yarn) after not having spoken to each other about it. I LOVE that yarn! And ditto on that weird feeling. I think alot of people are feeling the same. and the media & the government continues to feed that pandemic fear. Everyone is exhausted, I think.

  4. I love that vest. I just added it to my cart😍 Kiwi is a great new family addition. I have one of my Jellybean Stickers on a coffee mug,😍🐶☕
    One day? Kiwi will grace the same mug😍

  5. I love that vest. I just added it to my cart😍 Kiwi is a great new family addition. I have one of my Jellybean Stickers on a coffee mug,😍🐶☕
    One day? Kiwi 😍will grace the same mug😍 Ken looks great in his new sweater. I hope he will consider to model for you more so that we can see.

  6. I really enjoy all your posts, particularly the charming way you use color; I am so tired of earth tones!

    I apologize up front for my temerity in offering advice; a friend has just had a second booster. He is at extreme high risk and follows the covid news and he hadn’t heard that 2nd boosters had been approved for people in that category. Just a thought, if you are 6 months past your booster. All best wishes for your continued health.

  7. A new column, hurrah! Yes, we are probably looking at a new normal, as you say so eloquently. We need to co-operate if people with any vulnerability are to survive, and we are almost all tied to someone who is at risk. So agree with you on the risks of in-person teaching/learning. We are completely dependent on the willingness of others to mask securely and consistently, vaccinate and maintain safe distances. And also dependent on institutions and landlords to ventilate properly.
    Love de rerum natura’s Gilliatt! And their linen Antigone!

  8. I really love that sweater. I’m digging in my stash now.

  9. I really like your hubby’s sweater! We’re all just hanging in there at this point. Knitting and taking French classes are making things more endurable for me. Not that I think you should add French to your busy schedule!

  10. Hang in there. Is there a possibility of you getting a fourth shot since you are so vulnerable right now? That would give you a little more piece of mind.

  11. Kenny’s sweater looks great, & I love your green ensemble, it IS very fresh. But I’m utterly shocked that the puppy isn’t wearing one, lol!
    Thank you for the new post, they’re always welcome

  12. Dana, the new FO is lovely! I’m so glad to see you are knitting productively again. I wanted to share something that may influence how you think about your booster status. I have a serious illness that qualifies me for a 4th shot 5 months after my first one. (I had Pfizer). Because of some information from a clinical trial that my friend is participating in, I decided to get my antibody levels tested before and after my third shot. The level went from 924 u/ml before the shot to >2500 after – that’s the maximum that the test reads. To be sure, we do NOT know what level of serum spike antibodies is protective (that is the question that the clinical trial is trying to answer), but I was encouraged that the booster made such a difference. When I became eligible for the 4th shot I decided to do the test again to see where I am. To my great surprise my reading is still >2500 u/ml. A different friend in my support group also still reads >2500 5 months after her third shot. You might very well still have high protection.

  13. We’re keeping our N95’s on and letting everyone else go their own way. I just had abdominal surgery, so getting a cough would KILL me, and my husband has an autoimmune disease. It may be that we will continue personally masking for quite a while, and I don’t care.

  14. Love your husband’s sweater! Some clothing is just naturally unisex. Plus the colors were perfect. And am very inspired by how you styled your Low-Key vest. Can’t wait to finish mine. It’s been an easy, fun pattern.

  15. Kenny’s sweater came out great and your vest looks perfect on you! I will look forward to you spring knitting items. I’ve been asked to knit a sweater for a family member in Florida! Need a lightweight yarn for that.

    Keep yourself safe.

  16. You inspire me! Not just because you are a knitter of color with a wonderfully supportive “knitters hubby” but because your sweaters look gorgeous. Mine come out terrible! Thank you for your enthusiasm and stay healthy!🧶😃

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