FO: Atari for Anne

Friday was my sister Anne’s birthday and I celebrated it by giving her a new sweater for her birthday. My sisters live with my Mom and don’t live far from us, so we all stay pretty strict about our stay home orders in an effort to see each other on occasion during this pandemic. I think since March this was the fourth time I’ve seen them and as much as that sucks, it’s the safest thing to do. But back to the sweater…

Atari sweater for Anne

Anne is my sister who usually has something very specific in mind when she makes requests for knits and I appreciate that. Her latest was a request for a sweater that was predominantly red, so I sent her a few patterns to choose from and we settled on the Atari Sweater.

Atari sweater for Anne

I decided to go with Berroco Vintage in Red and Dove but I had some Jill Draper Windham mini skeins in various colors in my stash. I settled on the pink since it’s another one of Anne’s favorite colors and I love pink and red together.

Atari sweater for Anne

Since it is often difficult to tell the front from the back of a hand knit sweater, I decided to knit a heart on the back so it would be clear to her. It’s visible on the outside so it’s a sweet touch that also lets you know it’s handmade. I keep saying I’m going to order some custom labels and haven’t. Plus embroidered hearts are just a sweet little way of saying I love you.

23 Replies to “FO: Atari for Anne”

  1. You and your sister are so lucky. I haven’t seen my siblings since March. A heart, what a wonderful thing.

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL sweater, the COLORS and design were meant for each other. Embroidered heart is the perfect touch. 😍😍😍😍 Happy Birthday to your sister🎂

  3. Oh my word I LOVE that!! How have I not embroidered a little ❤️ on everything I’ve made?!?! I hope you don’t mind if I steal this idea!

  4. What a beautiful, bold end result! Have you tried the chain stitch (for the embroidery bit)? I’ve used it to put initials on the inside of the neckband for some gift sweaters. I find it really satisfying, thought you may like it.

  5. Your sister is so lucky to have you. The heart is such a sweet idea. It’s so nice to see your new sweaters and read about your process and inspiration.

  6. I’m totally going to borrow that embroidered heart idea! Brilliant. Such a gorgeous sweater FO!

  7. The perfect present. That little heart takes it over the top!

  8. I love this sweater! My sister requested a small hand knit for Christmas and it makes me so happy. I’m making her the Water Born headband I saw here.

  9. Love reading your posts! I can’t believe your output of projects! I haven’t seen my sister for over a year. 😞 We talk daily; who’d believe there’s so much to say?!?
    Thanks for being such a radiant light during these tough times.

  10. I have small buttons that I’ll often add to tell the front from the back, but I LOVE that heat detail. I might have to keep that idea in mind!

  11. What a beautiful sweater!
    I now plan to embroider a heart on the back of the sweater I am knitting for my mother- thank you for this inspiration!

  12. Your sis must love the sweater, it’s beautiful! I love the heart idea.

  13. Amen to sister love! Maybe one day a picture of her in her sweater? You can do a from-the-neck-
    down photo if she would prefer it.

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