FO: Garnered Sweater

I’ve been looking at The Wandering Flock yarn for a bit, always wanting to grab some but never having the color I want in stock in the base I want. Then late the other night as I was aimlessly searching the internet in bed, I scooped up 6 skeins of worsted weight in the color Cosmic Tie Dye…no regrets.

Wandering Flock

I am not always a pastel person but this pastel yet neon rainbow was so intriguing. I knew I had to have it. And as soon as it arrived I immediately wound up a skein and got to work on a project in spite of everything else I was working on. That’s when you know the yarn is good, when you stop everything to knit with it.

Sweetart sweater

I decided to knit the Garnered Cardigan by Alicia Plummer, I lovingly call this my Sweetart Sweater (I love candy). I knew I wanted to knit a cardigan because staying at home has left me wanting a few cardigans to just throw on over whatever tee or sleeveless tank I’m wearing. When I’m upstairs in my office it gets warmer than our lower levels, so I also wanted shorter sleeves and preferably some lace just to make it interesting. This was a perfect combination.

Sweetart sweater

Since I knit this with worsted and not aran weight, I went down a needle size to a 9 and this worked up quickly. It reminded me how much I love knitting with worsted weight and up yarn.

Garnered in progress

But really it was about all the rainbow goodness in this yarn. It’s soft and dreamy in the hands and in just 11 days I had a finished object. Added bonus, I only used up 4 of the 6 skeins on this project so I’ve got 2 skeins left that can become something else.

Sweetart sweater

To say I’m beyond excited about this one is definitely an understatement. Now what to knit next?

31 Replies to “FO: Garnered Sweater”

  1. Beautiful! Your work is impeccable and it lifts me up.

    1. You look so pretty in that sweater! And you rock that lemon-lime bandana!

  2. Sweetart is THE perfect name for this yummy beauty;)

  3. That is BEAUTIFUL, REALLY GORGEOUS. It makes me HAPPY seeing it😊😍

  4. Just the perfect yarn and pattern combo! I’m glad you took some knitting time. I hope the rest of the semester goes well for you and the stress levels stay low.

  5. You are incredible!! I had to laugh at your comment about when a yarn is so good you have to put things aside and wind it right away! I make pacing tracks by the mailbox too sometimes these days! The sweater looks great on you and totally reminds me of those little rolls of multi colored disk candies that were called “penny candy” at the corner store in the 50’s and 60’s. Thanks for the sweet memories! You are so inspiring! You complete more sweaters than anyone I know!!! Thank you!😋

  6. Beautiful as always. Your makes are so inspiring 🙂

  7. Beautiful, Dana! Knitting is such a meditative thing—it probably helped all your other duties take the proper place in your life. 💕

  8. Any tricks to lace patterns? I seem to drop a yo or skip a yo and trying to undo is near impossible. You had to look while knitting that right? (You’ve mentioned you can knit in a dark theater:) Love your head wrap as well.

  9. Wow! 11 days! What a fun knit and it’s gorgeous!

  10. Beautiful yarn and pattern – you’re ready for spring.

  11. Love the yarn and you have fitted the garment much better than shown on the model in Ravelry. I really like that lace pattern-it makes different shapes depending how you look at it.

  12. That’s so pretty! Did you alternate skeins to break up the pooling?

      1. I always forget, too. That yarn really turned out nicely.

  13. Love the pattern! The colors look great on you! although they’re not for me. I’ve been looking for a pattern for a lightweight casual cardigan project that doesn’t have buttonholes or require a ton of thinking and can be done while it’s still winter and, although I have a TON of projects on my needles, another Lopi sweater promised for hubby and a queue that’s out the door, I’m going to cast on for this immediately! I’m going to use that Rhinebeck red that everyone purchased this year. I bought a lot of sock weight, enough to double, so I’ll use that. I will have to test to see if it works up as worsted or Aran when doubled, but I think I’ll cast on tonight!
    Thank you Dana for another great idea! You converted me to Love Note (I’ve knit two of them) and that great Heidi Kirrmeier (sp?) pullover (and that’s just this fall) and God knows what else!
    Joanna Koss

  14. The pattern really shows off the yarn! I love how you pick the bright yellow headband and made the yellow pop! I think maybe Jellybean would want something out of this yummy yarn! 😉 Absolutely beautiful! I can’t believe you did this in 11 day! :0 INSPIRING!

  15. What to knit next? Jellybean needs a pretty candy sweater!

  16. Pastels and a summery lacy cardigan. What a perfect pairing!

  17. The yarn you have used is what my granddaughter calls unicorn colour! The model is beautiful too.

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