FO: Water Born & New Yarn

I’ve used Neighborhood Fiber Company yarns for a long time, they’re pretty much a staple in my finished object. I was introduced to the line at my LYS, Fibre Space, when I first learned how to knit. I loved that they carried a rainbow of colors, big skeins and then I found out it was owned by a Black woman! I’ve been a loyal fan ever since. So when they asked if I wanted to try their new Organic Studio Worsted (this color is Lakeland), I said OF COURSE!

The skeins are 200 yards, 100% organic merino that you can still put in the washer (and then air dry). The color is still just as rich and gorgeous as I’m used to with NFC but the biggest difference to me is how insanely soft but still sturdy the yarn is for a finished object. So when I thought about what I could use this yarn for to show it off, I decided I needed to get a jump start on my cold weather accessories and make the Water Born headband/ear warmer...but then I modified it a little bit.

Water born

The pattern gives you three options for knitting one-color brioche and I went with just the simple brioche pattern without any increases or decreases. When I seamed it, I decided I wanted a little bit of a flair in the front, so I used the tail yarn to cinch together the front of the headband and then secured it on the underside. I can wear it in the front or back.

Water born

Since my hair is so big, I don’t really wear hats right now. Ear warmers are definitely a winter staple, but I never make them in time and then I’m buying ones when I know I could’ve made myself something nicer. So at least I checked that one off my list.

I know that everyone can’t always splurge on a $32 skein of yarn, or buy a sweater quantity of it, but this is a great option when you want a really amazing hat, headband or even a bandana and you want an organic option. And don’t worry, if you still want the non-organic 400 yard skeins, they’ve go them! It’s nice to have so many options.

16 Replies to “FO: Water Born & New Yarn”

  1. I love headbands…I have super-thick hair, and don’t need anything on top either. Combined with brioche…perfect! (And love the yarn as a headrest, too.)

  2. Love your headband pattern and you rock it! I’d love to make one for my daughter in MA. Do you have instructions on how to make that cute little accent in front? I didn’t really understand from the description. I’m also going to order the same yarn from Fiber Company – thanks for the tip! Thank you for yet another day of inspiration!!

  3. Beautiful colorway, thanks for the pattern mods. I have some NFC in my stash from Rhinebeck 😍

  4. I saw the picture of Jellybean and was almost disappointed that I didn’t scroll down and see a picture of her with her own ear warmer! That yarn looks great and versatile!

  5. I’m making hats for the folks at work, and one of my supervisors is African-American and has thick locks tied back into braids— we worked together on me making her a hat that was worthy of her hair. 🙂 But in future I’ll think of an earwarmer. This is lovely.

  6. I love the color, the pattern and it looks great it on you. Jellybean needs an accessory too! Such a sweet little face. Thanks and have a nice weekend!
    PS those eyeglasses are da bomb- love the color. Are they new? Or my not great eyes noticed them in this headshot?
    Peggy R.

  7. Such a great look on you! Lovely choice, as usual. ❤️😊

  8. Love the yarn, the project and your modification! For additional bling, you can pin a brooch or funky pin where the cinch is! Jellybean seems to approve of your yarn choice. That pup has great taste! Thanks for a great post and have a happy and safe weekend.

  9. Love your blog and thank you for all that you share.

  10. Clever idea to cinch it in! And I love the blue with your fabulous glasses.

  11. How on earth do you get any knitting done with that cute little face resting their wee chops on your yarn? Lovely looking yarn and pattern, it looks very knittable, and that gorgeous bright colour is very pretty

  12. Love it! Gorgeous color, looks great on you! Love your pattern.

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