Video: Let's Talk About What to Knit When You're Staying Inside

Things I mentioned in this video:

Stay safe and keep knitting!

11 Replies to “Video: Let's Talk About What to Knit When You're Staying Inside”

  1. Thank you so much! You are one of my best sources of comfort on the web, because you are always cheerful without sounding like a fool. We need more smart, cheerful people during the pandemic. I have been knitting for over 50 years and of course am knitting away right now, stuck in my apartment. I am not worried that the shelter-in-place regs will go into effect. How could I tell? I haven’t been going anywhere except the grocery store, the vet, the corner to “walk” the dog and the park for exercise for us both. Thank you for giving the stay home message and also the wash your hands message. Stay healthy and thanks again.

  2. Thanks so much for keeping in touch. You are always so inspiring…..but, please stop touching your face! (another coronavirus no-no).

    1. I know I touch my face a lot but I’ve been home and no contact and still washing my hands like crazy, so hopefully that’s enough.

  3. Hello, Dana! It is so good to see/hear you! I am in the healthcare field (urology), so I am doing what I can in my office and thoroughly washing hands and wiping every surface I can! This is a surreal time. Malls are ghost towns and most folks are going to work (if they must) and going home. I came very late to MDK’s Bang Out a Main Squeeze Sweater, but I’m doing my best to bang it out. I’ll be praying for a cold snap so I can wear it! Love reading your posts and all the colors you knit are so cheerful!

  4. Love the vid. Love Jellybean. Love your gentle reminder of why we’re doing the social distancing. Most of all I love the riot of color you knit up and your lovely smile.

  5. Thanks so much for that Dana! I love how Jellybean just lives on your lap! Also, it’s clear that you’re an excellent lecturer. I’ll bet your students love you!

  6. I am new to your blog but really enjoy your knitting, your little Jelly Bean and your attempts to help us through this unusual, scary time. I also enjoyed your tribute to your hubby. I, too am a lucky wife and I appreciate a comfortable, loving relationship. Thanks for keeping our spirits up!

  7. Hi Dana! Good to see you and JB. If anyone can make a go of teaching online, it’s you. Stay safe and well! Next time I go to the grocery store I’m going to have to look for The Washingtonian. Or perhaps a tour of your yarn/craft room could be something for a future video?

  8. Thanks Dana, I’ve followed your blog for awhile but it was great to see you “in person” and know that you are just as warm and loving as I thought you were. I agree your students must love you!

  9. Thank you Dana. Your words and presence are really helpful to me at this juncture. Thank you so much for your earlier thus week “what a time this is” post and for this video. Both are a gift to me and so many others.

    I had a thought as I listened to you talking about why knitting a Stephen West shawl is perfect comfort knitting for you right now — what if you designed rainbow baby blankets that felt more in color and pattern like knitting Fantastich shawl than a usual boring baby blanket? Just a brainstorm 💖 Thank you again for being a light in the dark!!!

  10. I love your spirit, your voice and your perspective! I have SEVERAL WIPs and will work on some of those and maybe start some new ones! Thanks for your words of good sense and encouragement.

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