Monthly Review: April 2019

April has been a blur but May is here now and I’m almost officially on summer break! So what was I able to finish in April? Two things – one I can share and one I can’t.

Trefann sweater

This month I finished:

  • My Trefann top: Knit with superbulky cotton so I can wear it all summer.
  • My second secret project! It’s a cute accessory and I can’t wait to share it when I can.

On top of knitting, I’ve been grading papers and finals and turning in final grades. I’m exhausted. Graduation is next week! And this weekend is Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I plan to go up for a few hours on Saturday, if you’re going to and see me say hi!

6 Replies to “Monthly Review: April 2019”

  1. I love your swift!! Do you remember the name of the vendor from whom you purchased it?? Have a blast at the MD festival. I’ll be going vicariously through you!!

  2. hi there dana, ive been thinking about you lately and wondering how cher is? I know she is a happy and loved girl and I love posts involving the dogs. thanks

  3. sorry becky Conway was from me, Debbie Conway… stupid computer!!!!!

    1. Cher is doing well. She’s on a higher dose of meds that help reduce fluid build up and an antibiotic and other heart meds. Eventually, she’ll only be able to take but so much on her aging system but for now she seems comfortable and is always hungry for more treats.

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