Stitching Status: Spring Break

How I juggle two dogs when I’m on my own.

As of today I’m officially on spring break for week and I’m feeling like I need the break. I’ve been doing a lot and I’m tired and I need a little mental break so I can make it through the rest of the semester. Spring semester is the hardest because once it gets warm it’s so hard to keep students focused and motivated, but I’ll make it! I still love this job more than anything else I’ve ever done, so I’m happy to be mentally exhausted. My students challenge me in some really great ways and make me want to strive to give them the best education. I know these next few weeks will fly by and then it will be summer break!

And speaking of students, I’ll be one again! I got into a doctoral program so as of Fall 2019 I’ll be a full time student AND a full time professor. I’ll be asking for all the prayers, good vibes and positivity to be sent my way. I’ll be taking 3 classes and teaching 3 classes. I know it’s a lot but I don’t want to drag my coursework out for years so I’m going to really focus and get it done. I was so excited when I got my admission email this week and then in a flash I got sad because I wanted to call my Dad to tell him and he’s gone. Couple that with the same day it was announced that Alex Trebek was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer and my day was spent missing my dad and hating how devastating pancreatic cancer really is to the body. But I know my Dad would be sooo proud of me right now.

In knitting news, I’m working on a very purple Plumpy Shawl. I felt like I needed a brioche reset for my brain this week and this is the perfect project for that. It’s a lot of garter stitch and brioche and I’ve gotten into a good rhythm. I’ve also got a few new projects that I’m working on that I can’t reveal quite yet but am excited about, so my break will be spent knitting a lot and planning for the next few weeks. I don’t know if or how much I’ll post next week but you can always check out what I’m up to on my Instagram stories. And as always, thank you for reading. Have a wonderful weekend.

46 Replies to “Stitching Status: Spring Break”

  1. I am so freaking proud of you! Keep the joy! I have been following you for a long time, and,as a mother of two amazing daughters, and a life long passion for learning and teaching, I know that you will accomplish your goals!

  2. Congratulations Dana!! That is awesome news.
    Some weeks are such emotional roller coasters… I’m glad you have this break coming up, and your knitting.
    I hope both dogs continue to be well!

  3. Congratulations on entering a doctoral program. I love your posts. My pin came in the mail and it looks great!

  4. Congratulations on your acceptance into the doctoral program! You are going to be one busy lady in the fall. I hope you find time for some knitting.📚🕯📖🕯

  5. Wow! Congratulations to you on this momentous achievement!! And, yes – I will lift you up in thought and prayer – and will do so gladly. May your spring break refuel you and ready you for the remainder of your school year!

  6. How do you do it all??!! Well done !
    Wishing you more success in all your endeavors academic and knitting.

  7. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you! My coursework flew by…it’s the dissertation that slowed me down a bit. Enjoy it all!

  8. Congrats on your acceptance into the doctoral program! Your Dad would be really, really, burst the shirt buttons, kind of proud of you! I hope you will still be able to find joy in your knitting during that time!

    1. Congratulations Dana! What an accomplishment! Your Dad knows, he’s watching over you. I was also saddened to hear the news from Alex Trebek, my Mom died from pancreatic cancer a couple of years ago, it’s a horrible thing.

  9. Oh, Dana!!! What an exciting time! Huge, huge congratulations!!! You put so much joy into the world; it’s wonderful to see some coming back your way. Sending hugs of happiness and comfort your way. ❤️

  10. Congratulations on going on to get your Doctorate. I worked full time while getting my Master’s. It was rough sometimes but you can do it. I still knit a fair amount while on public transportation and also allowed myself a weekend treat. Usually I went to the movies, and you can knit there.

  11. Your wonderful dog carrier is just hilarious. Please don’t go outside like that, though!
    Be sure to totally indulge yourself this week of rest. Avoid as many chores as you can, rub your dogs’ ears, knit at your leisure, and think about how each day is precious. 😘

  12. Congratulations! I know it’s not the same without a dad to tell, but we’re all proud of you! And I love your dog-pocket sweatshirt! The girls look happy.

  13. Congratulations and best of wishes, Dana! As one who gave away absolutely every bit of her “me” time to work full-time while earning a master’s, I heartily recommend keeping a little—however little—“me” time throughout this powerful, wondrous endeavor. My heart is with you, my friend!

  14. My grandmother had pancreatic cancer and I got that same gut punch when Alex Trebec announced his. It’s such a horrible diagnosis…

    I wanted to tell you that after reading your blog for a while now, you’ve inspired me to be bold and go ahead and knit some sweaters – I love your attitude about making mistakes and learning and ripping it out/starting over. So far I’ve made one sweater in which I learned I’m terrible at seaming (LOL – I’m a knitter not a sewer) and I’ve started another (OK I’ve started it twice, but hey, I’m a few inches into the yoke already!). So thank you for putting yourself out here. Have a great spring break and big congrats on the doctoral program!!!

  15. Congratulations on getting into your doctoral program! I enjoy your blog, love seeing your dogs and your beautiful colorful sweaters. My hats off to you! I look at each knit as a learning experience, so although I’ve been knitting a long time, there is always something to learn. Same in academics, right? Good luck!

  16. I recognize a vet’s office-I hope Cher and Jellybean feel less afraid in mom’s pockets.
    If anyone can do more than 1 full-time pursuit, it’d be you:)

  17. Congratulations, Dana. We’re with you all the way, and yes, your dad (and mom, I’m sure) would be/are proud of you. We will all understand if your knitting production slows down in the fall.

  18. Congratulations!! I’m sure you’ll do great balancing your teaching and being a student:)
    It is surprising how grief and missing a loved one can just roll in at any time. I’m sure your Dad is very proud of you.

  19. Mazel tov on the doctoral program! What a wonderful next step 🙂

  20. I’m tired just thinking of your fall schedule! Yet I know, from following your blog for awhile now, that you are up to the challenge. You are one of a kind in the energy department. Also, everytime I see you knitting something I think, why don’t I pick those beautiful colors?

  21. Wow, that is definitely going to be a challenge! Congratulations and good luck to you!

  22. Congratulations–that is wonderful. You will have a full load–but always time to make adorable tiny dog sweaters.

  23. Congratulations! I used to work in the graduate education office at a large university. So many of the PhD students worked full time while completing their degrees. Your schedule will be very full but what a rewarding pursuit! Cheering you on! ❤️

  24. Knowing when to take a break is a gift! Keep knitting when you can!

  25. Wow! Sounds like LIFE is happening in your neck of the woods! Prayers for you AND your family! Keep on knitting! 😁

  26. All my best wishes! Glad to see you going for it!

  27. I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer 28 years ago. It’s such an awful disease, and in all that time they haven’t gotten much better at catching it while it’s treatable. I know my mom is proud of me, and even after all these years I still want to call her when I have good news and cry on her when things are hard. I was 20 when she died, and still a kid in many ways.
    I know your dad is proud of you. Beyond your many educational accomplishments, you send so much joy into the world. You are a beacon of kindness in a world starving for it. Thank you for your heartfelt sharing!

  28. Congratulations on a huge accomplishment!!! We lost my grandfather to pancreatic cancer— I remember my dad (a nephrologist, so he was a doc) saying that whoever figures out how to detect those deep, internal cancers that don’t show symptoms usually until they’re stage 4 (pancreatic, ovarian, lung, esophagus, stomach, liver…) early on will richly deserve the Nobel Prize they get.

  29. Amazing news!! So excited for you! It sounds like it will be a challenge, but you seem to have a wonderful support network to lean on.

  30. Congratulations!! Sending you good vibes that you’ll be able to practice self-care as you teach and take classes. Tip that helped me when I started doctoral program way back when: at some point in the first year/semester, if you’re feeling crazy/alienated/insecure, know that you’re not alone! Everyone feels that way. And, new tip I just figured out this semester on how to knit slightly more complicated stuff that you need to look at while getting some reading done. If book is available in kindle or some other e-book format, have your computer open to e-book and have your smart phone read your book to you. You can pause, drop your needles, to highlight/take notes when you need to do so. It’s a bit slower than reading, but this way you can work and practice self-care at the same time. Good luck!

  31. My dad had bone cancer and has been gone almost 12 years now. I don’t think we ever stop missing them. So sorry for your loss.

  32. Congratulations to you! If anyone can juggle that schedule (and still knit. . . ), it is YOU. You are an inspiration in so many ways. XO

  33. You have my prayers and affirmation to go for that doctoral degree! Yeah! Of course your father–and especially because I think you have mentioned that he was somehow in education–would be so proud of you. Full time professor too. Wow. I hope you have learned to knit and read at the same time like so many I have heard who have mastered the skill. Your pups will keep you encouraged. My daughter has a French bulldog, Otis, who has been in her lap for all the hours of study involved with medical school and residency. And so it begins for you….!

  34. I see you’ve got a little joey in your pocket there…Congratulations and best wishes on your educational plans, you are quite the inspirational woman!

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