FO: Rainbow Askews Me Shawl

I love knitting rainbows. It’s fun to do the color changes and to see how the rainbow will really evolve in the pattern you’ve chosen. They make me smile and I swear I get asked more about what I’m knitting when it’s something super colorful. So after enjoying knitting the last Askews Me Shawl I decided to knit one for myself and with a rainbow yarn.
Rainbow Askews Me Shawl
I saw this fun Lion Brand Mandala yarn in a great rainbow and picked up two skeins. One skein alone has 590 yards so it’s perfect for this shawl, I used almost the entire skein so I got a full rainbow (and a rainbow on the floor as I was photographing it!). I decided to balance my rainbow with a neutral so I finally frogged my Flax cardigan of it’s Cascade 220 Superwash in Doeskin Heather and I think it’s a perfect balance.
Rainbow Askews Me Shawl
This is a great fall scarf and travel wrap. It’s big and cuddly and warm and can really be wrapped around you (or you dog). Below is the right side, although with brioche knitting it’s reversible but by definition this is the right side. The light camel color is the main color but the rainbow still really pops out behind it.
Rainbow Askews Me Shawl
But of  course I love the side where the color is more dominant. I always love the wrong side of brioche. I don’t know why.
Rainbow Askews Me Shawl
Fall starts this week and I’m ready for chilly mornings so I can wear scarves and hats. I’ve even got a lovely yellow hat I’m excited to pair with this scarf, it’ll be such a happy combination. When everyone is on the train wearing black and grey coats I’m always standing out with bright and happy color.
Rainbow Askews Me Shawl
And I think Jellybean thinks this is probably the perfect wrap to go with her banana button down shirt. I just won’t tell her it’s for me.

17 Replies to “FO: Rainbow Askews Me Shawl”

  1. I really need to make one of those shawls! It will be my first brioche adventure.

  2. This is awesome, just love the colours! Would you recommend this for a first brioche knit? Or is it better to start with something a bit simpler….I am an experienced knitter, just haven’t tried brioche yet. Any recommendations?

  3. Looks great! I, too, am ready for fall, but summer doesn’t seem to be done with us here.

  4. Maybe you like the more colorful side because you look GREAT in those bright colors. That is a beautiful shawl! You will have all of us on a brioche journey. I did one brioche scarf several years ago and thought it was great fun once I got the hang of it. It was a simple rectangle (the BEBEE scarf – free pattern by Nancy Marchant). I love the curves on this Askews Me Shawl pattern. The only problem with brioche for me is that it’s very thick and warm, and I live in a warm climate – not really what I need, but I’m tempted anyway!

    1. You can always just do brioche with cotton! This isn’t all wool, the rainbow is an acrylic I thought was pretty. If I can do colorwork sweaters in cotton you can do brioche in cotton and make a nice light wrap!

  5. What a marvellous finish! I might try knitting this shawl.

    1. I really love this one and after a certain point you have the pattern memorized so it’s easy to take anywhere.

  6. Your work is beautiful, just seeing this, the one you are wearing is just lovely, I love yellows, rays of sunshine. Millicent

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