Stitching Status: Plumpy Progress

While I’m working on a project I can’t share until next year (I know, it’s killing me to not share), I’m working on my Plumpy Shawl. I kind of fell in love with shawls last year after making my Dotted Rays, the blue Askews Me Shawl and my favorite rainbow Askews Me Shawl. I don’t really like fingering weight yarn and all of these are made with dk weight and are really great for my commute to work. On Monday a little girl about 7 or 8 was mesmerized watching me knit my Plumpy on the train. The colors merging together are pretty mesmerizing if I do say so myself. I love all of the shades of purple and magenta I’ve picked for it and I’m getting closer and closer to the end. Ever since I made my cousin her Waiting for Rain shawl in purple and orange I’ve wanted a purple shawl for myself.

Photos really don’t do this color justice, it’s Spell by Hedgehog Fibres. I rarely find it in stock and the one day I did I scooped up the last 2 skeins in dk weight I could find. I really want to make my cousin an entire sweater out of this color since she loves purple so much. I definitely have to keep my eyes peeled. I promise once I’m finished, I’ll share propper photos.

And on another knitting note, I came home from work and was pleasantly surprised to see my husband wearing his Sawyer sweater. I knit this one a while back as part of a seamed sweater class and learned a lot. He hasn’t worn this one all winter, he says it’s a bit on the warm side but his office doesn’t have the heat turned on and he knew it would be perfect. When I made this I focused so much on my tiny mistakes I made in reading my stitches and following the pattern (Brooklyn Tweed patterns are written for a very advanced knitter, hence why I took a class to go through this one with lots of help). But when I saw it on him yesterday I didn’t see my mistakes, I mean I saw them, but they weren’t the focus. It’s still a beautiful sweater. I can’t let minor mistakes ruin the joy of a beautiful finished object.

20 Replies to “Stitching Status: Plumpy Progress”

  1. I recently finished a Dotted Rays shawl for my daughter. I love it but the garter stitching goes on forever. Many times I found myself turning to a mantra: One stitch at a time!

  2. I love your husband’s sweater!! If you want perfect, go to Kohls and get a boring $30 machine knit sweater. You are an inspiration.

  3. Your husband’s sweater looks great. If there are any actual errors (we have all seen people’s Ravelry project pages where a tiny one stitch slight loosening of tension is regarded as such a major error the knitter wants to rip out the whole garment and start again) I can’t see them. And plus, what a thrill to see gift knitting worn.

  4. Your husband looks very handsome in his sweater. Don’t focus on mistakes. They are what make it special. You are an inspiration with your knitting. 😊

  5. Love the purple ❣️💜. Also your husband looks great 👍🏼 In the sweater . When I see the picture all I can see is the man who obviously loves you rocking the sweater you made with love, no mistakes noticed.

  6. I see the love! Mistakes are only variations! Aren’t patterns more like guidelines anyways? The most perfect sweater to date 🙂 Love your blog – so inspiring!

  7. Thanks for the heads up about Brooklyn Tweed being a bit on the challenging side. They have some beautiful patterns, but I’m glad I haven’t purchased any yet. I’m a advanced beginner knitter working only first sweater (Knitorious RBG from Park Williams). I’d love some suggestions on who makes easy to read/knit patterns!

  8. Agreed! Sometimes knitters are sooo critical of the mistakes, because they know they’re there, that we don’t reflect on 1) the beauty of the yarn 2) the drape and fit of the project 3) the time and intuition that went into its making . . . and so many other things. It’s time to stop being sooo critical and just ENJOY!! Good for you, DWJ! I think it turned out FAB-U-LOUS!!!

  9. The last sentence is so wise. He looks handsome in the sweater, and don’t you love when somebody wears what you’ve knit?

  10. Beautiful sweater and handsome husband! He looks really nice, and he REALLY likes that sweater (and you, I bet!).

  11. Your Plumpy looks great – those are beautiful colors! And your husband looks very handsome and happy in that lovely sweater!

  12. I’m so intrigued by the idea of a project that can’t be shared until *next year*! But it’s only Aprillllllll… 😉

  13. That purple is gorgeous!! It would definitely make a beautiful sweater! Thanks for the warning about BK tweed patterns.. They make great yarns and I’d like to start making things in the yarns called for, so that’s good to know. 😃

  14. Amazing magenta. But how gorgeous does your husband look in that sweater??!?!? I get such a thrill when my husband and sister wear the handknits I make for them. Not for nothing, they probably have a lot of mistakes in them. I like to fix what I can, and embrace the wabi sabi of what I can’t. I’ve also learned *not* to knit an allover patterned sweater for my husband. He’s 6’3″, and that’s a sure path to boredom and madness for me. Good on ya’.

  15. I’ve made my husband a Sawyer sweater also. In mine, the sleeves turned out too big and I just really haven’t gotten the motivation to try and rip out my seams and start them again – that pattern made my seams crazy. Your sweater looks great!!

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