Stitching Status: Knitting With Dogs

In between everything I do on a daily basis, the moment I sit down I’m typically faced with this.
A dog (or two) in my face. Cher likes to demand rubs. Jellybean just wants to curl up in my lap and will wiggle her way under any blanket and into my lap anyway she can.
This weekend I found myself boxed in quite often. These two can settle in so quickly that I haven’t even positioned myself on the couch or grabbed my projects! And my husband is often kind enough to hand me a ball of yarn or a drink or water when I just can’t move as easily as I’d like to because of Cher and Jellybean taking over my personal space. Lucky for them, I don’t mind all the snuggles.
And this weekend while I worked on the Carbeth sweater for my cousin Cher decided she needed to investigate the pieces in my Field Bag. She also decided the yarn needed to be licked, perhaps for quality assurance?
But I do get to slip away from the girls and run errands and I popped into Fibre Space on Saturday to pick up a dark contrasting color yarn for another project for my cousin (I realized her birthday is a month away, so I want to also knit her these brioche socks in dk weight). And while I was there I just couldn’t resit this dog in a sweater enamel pin. You can find the artist on Etsy and her entire collection of animals in sweaters pins. So even when I’m not with my dogs, I’m always thinking of them. Now if I could just get them made into pins wearing their cute sweaters I’d be even happier.

6 Replies to “Stitching Status: Knitting With Dogs”

  1. Pretty adorable. My parents send me images of their dog who immediately takes your lap and loves to burrow in their bed.

    1. If Jellybean sees me pick up a blanket she’s running to my lap before I can even sit down 😂

  2. Ohhhhh, my goodness!!!! So much happy here!! ☺

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