March 2018 Finished Objects

March FO’s
Welcome to April! And with the beginning of a new month I like to recap was I was able to finish in the last month.

  • Mom’s Blueberry Oatmeal sweater. I still love, love, love the saturated color of this blue. In fact 3 of this month’s projects were knit wit Periwinkle Sheep Yarn Intent aran/bulky weight!
  • A Rye tie. My friend Ayo sent me a selfie wearing his tie at Easter service. I’m so glad he loves his gift.
  • My Carbeth Cardigan. It’s bright and springy even if the weather isn’t.
  • A Dog sweater. Unfortunately this dog still needs a sweater with the crazy weather we’re having right now.
  • My spring test knit. I’m itching to wear this one but it just won’t warm up!
  • Another Carbeth! And on Saturday I finished and blocked the Carbeth for my cousin. More pics to come.

So I was able to accomplish a lot last month, what about you?

4 Replies to “March 2018 Finished Objects”

    1. This is just what I finished in March, I started the red and white top in February but didn’t finish it until the beginning of March. I plug along on a few things at a time do my brain doesn’t get bored with one project.

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