A Cozy Idea

The other day my husband jokingly said he wanted me to knit him a robe. In my family, you know you’re in the inner circle when you get a robe. After my husband and I got married my Dad bought him a plush robe for Christmas – we are robe people. But I’ve never really wanted to knit a robe…until I saw this pattern.

Florham by Andi Satterlund
Florham by Andi Satterlund

This is Florham by Andi Satterlund from Stranded Magazine. Um…I kind of want to knit one for my cousin Safia in Chicago who I make so much stuff for already. If I knit it in her favorite shade of purple I’m pretty sure she’d stay wrapped up in it with her Christmas pajamas we send her all winter long. I’d just have to figure out the best yarn to use…

18 Replies to “A Cozy Idea”

  1. What an awesome pattern! I would never have thought of a knitted robe. Thanks!

    1. I know, right? But this robe pattern looks so cozy and adorable I think I’ll have to make one at some point.

    1. We are LOL I don’t know if I’ve ever remembered NOT having a robe. I’ve even contemplated buying the dogs robes for after their baths. Can you imagine tiny Jellybean in a robe?!

      1. I’d probably explode from the cute!!

      2. I actually bought a frotte bath robe for my parents’ dog! It’s so adorable I can’t wait to see her photos 😀 Jellybean would rock it too!

      3. Ahhhh this just makes me want to pull the trigger and buy it LOL

  2. It’s darling! And… word to the wise: I tried knitting a lap robe out of chenille last year and nearly went nuts. It’s lovely and soft, but it would NOT slide on itself or the needles, and it was next to impossible to unravel when I wanted to make changes. I mention this because it seems like an intuitive choice, but for knitting comfort I would look for something else. Can’t wait to see what you do. (Have you thought of revising the pattern to fit Hubby? What a great surprise!)

  3. I saw that on IG I think. It’s pretty cool. I want to alter my robe that a friend gave me long ago so I can wear it without tripping over it and all.

  4. Definitely use some washable and something squishy. Not exactly sure what that would be….but those would be my qualifications for sure! (Love reading your blog. Always happiness and cuteness to be found inside.)

    1. Oh no this is on my down the road of possibilities list. What she wants this year is a big wrap so I’m going to make her a shawl.

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