Stitching Status: Quiet Weekends

Between errands and brunch with friends, I spent a nice chunk of time knitting in the evenings and binge watching The Good Fight on TV. If you ever watched The Good Wife and miss it, all 10 episodes of the spin-off The Good Fight are on CBS all access and you can subscribe for free for a week. I’m already up to episode 8 – it’s so good.
And the girls have been happily tangled up in my knitting. We are getting a new couch this week so we took the old one out and put in a bench for the girls to look out the window in the meantime. That means I haven’t had the best seating options (sitting in a chair with two dogs is not comfortable and they don’t like to share my lap and I don’t love sitting in the husband’s man cave in the basement). For the most part I’ve been sitting on a pile of pillows on the floor with blankets and have been playing fetch with Jellybean while Cher goes between the bench and a blanket next to me.
On occasion they’ll play nice and share the bench together and stare out the window occasionally barking at dogs and their owners walking by. And then occasionally they bark at nothing at all and scare the crap out of me.
Sisters 😊
But despite the barking and sitting on the floor I’ve made great progress on my improvised sweater. I finished the body and decided to do an i-cord bind off for the end instead of ribbing. The scoop neck is pretty deep so I added about 2 inches of ribbing to the neckline to bring it up a bit – I’ll still need to wear a tank top with it but that’s how I typically wear my v necks. I decided to use the leftover darker yarn I paired with the lighter top color on my Colorblocked Boyfriend Cardigan. It picks up the dark flecks in the other yarn. I kind of love that this is all bits and pieces of leftover projects coming together. I love it when you can use every last drop of yarn on the skein.
Sunday night progress
I’ve been kind of just making this up as I go along and making decisions on the fly. Adding in a new color and just having fun as I go along. It’s kind of nice to not follow any pattern. I’m down to the sleeves and I’m thinking since it’s a deep scoop neck and it hits me at the hips, with not do a bell sleeve? I just feel like a fitted sleeve wouldn’t look right but who knows, I may not like it and can always rip it back but that’s also part of the fun of creating this with colors I just love. Here’s hoping I finish up this week!

16 Replies to “Stitching Status: Quiet Weekends”

  1. Love the little stripes and the spacing of color changes. The neon pink is a perfect companion for the muted colors above. I’m learning a lot about design from your projects. Thank you!

    1. Yeah I feel like I can never do just a solid neutral. There always has to be some insane POP! And that neon peach is just my absolute favorite.

  2. I love your improvised sweater and how you’ve paired the solid neckline with the variegated yarn. The colours are gorgeous and make me happy! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you! The colors are making me super happy too. I’m hating that it’s suddenly warming up in my neck of the woods. I’m totally ready for fall and sweater weather.

  3. This is turning out to be a lovely piece! And I am soooo glad you wore your “spontaneity hat” on this DWJ original — woohhhoooo!!! You always map out every single color/row/stitch, it’s great to hear you let it ‘hang loose’ πŸ™‚

  4. What a nice weekend! Sometimes it’s good to get out and do all the things, but sometimes staying at home knitting and watching TV with the dogs is the best thing ever!! Can’t wait to see your new creation!

    1. Now if Jellybean would just stop demanding a play fetch with her over and over again I could finish my sleeves.

    1. You know I have the find your fade sweater pattern and have not made it yet. Sock weight yarn isn’t in abundance in my stash LOL

  5. I love seeing your knitting. You’re so adventurous. Look at them canine babies. So loved by their mama. Do flash a pic of your man’s man cave. I’m curious to see. My husband recently bought 200 lbs worth of weights from Craigslist up in Alameda. He bought a bar and stand from Amazon. I had to drop it like it’s hot to pull that box into the house.

    1. You know what, we redid his man cave a year ago and I haven’t taken a single photo of the finished space! I’ll try to get on that. He did the title floors himself and they look amazing but I think since we haven’t completely finished it with some shelving he hasn’t decided on we just haven’t taken a pic! It’s a cool space, just not MY space.

  6. This sweater looks awesome, I really love the colours. And the neckline!
    My cats do something similar to your doggies barking at nothing – all of a sudden they both run to some part of the apartment and stare at nothing (at least I don’t see anything there), tense and nervous. When they do it late at night or if I’m home alone… it’s really spooky.

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