FO: Entwine Cowl

I told you this week was all about the smaller projects I’ve been able to complete in between working on my holiday sweater knitting (which I finished last night and absolutely LOVE).
Entwine cowl
I wanted a nice warm and cozy scarf to add to my winter wardrobe and I had the Entwine scarf from the Within Knits book but I really don’t like fringe or long scarves so I decided to take the same stitch pattern and turn it into the Entwine Cowl instead. I picked up some lovely Madelinetosh ASAP in the same color as the hat I made for my friend Salina in September. It looks completely different on super bulky yarn but is still a beautiful colorway. I thought it would be a nice contrast against my Green Monster hat and I have enough left over that I want to whip up a quick cowl for Salina to match her hat.
Entwine cowl
I made this cowl super long so I can actually wrap it around myself three times for a nice warm and cozy piece around my neck when the wind is whipping.

So now that I’ve finished my Mom’s sweater for Christmas I’ve still got other sweaters I want to work on next. My goal is to whip up a NY Giants colored sweater for my husband before the big game on New Year’s Day – keep your fingers crossed for me. If I start it today I should have enough time to get it going since I’ll have a few days off for the holiday. And speaking of the holiday, all next week I’m sharing my favorite projects of the year so there will still be stuff for you to read when you’re a bit bored. So what holiday knitting have you finished?! Share!

12 Replies to “FO: Entwine Cowl”

  1. This colorway is devine! I didn’t do much holiday knitting (only two pairs of socks). I am kind of in a selfish knitting mode hahaha.

    1. Hey i am all about selfish knitting, I spent most of my 2016 with selfish knitting LOL

  2. Since my post this morning, I’ve finished hot water bottle cover number one – casting on the second tonight! Luckily, they are very fast knits — then back to the selfish knitting for me 😉

    1. I regret not taking off more days from work during this time to knit. I could probably get even more done.

      1. I’m in grad school at the moment, so pretty much can make my own schedule — the good news is, I can take extra time to knit — the bad news is, it catches up with me eventually! (And usually I feel guilty when I’m knitting instead of working!)

  3. Three times around one’s neck is a superb idea for blustery days. I recently finished some fingerless mitts for Jellybean’s 4th grade kumu; they were crocheted. I need to sock and block my brother’s socks today which will be the last pair to take care of. Yay!

      1. Your video of one of your dogs runnin’ like a bunch of candy was consumed was funny!

      2. That’s Jellybean and that’s how she is every day for about an hour after I get home. Zoom zoom!

      3. Jellybean is full chihuahua but not happy and doesn’t bark a lot. Cher is chihuahua pug (we think) and pretty mellow. Jelly needs some training, she only knows stay LOL

  4. Love the idea of small projects while working on the garments! But for some reason I rarely do it… My latest finished knit is a cozy cardi 🙂

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